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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Large Sinkhole Appears In Japanese City

Okay - just in case you missed it - reader Vinnie sent this to me last evening — a major sinkhole opened up in Fukuoka-shi (Fukuoka City) at 5:15AM on November 8, 2016… on a road near Hakata Train Station.

It got bigger and bigger and bigger, where, as of Tuesday afternoon, it is now some 15 meters deep, and about 27 meters wide x 30 meters long.

Just below the sink hole, the Fukuoka Transportation Bureau was working on extending the Nanakuma subway train line… about 25 meters below.

Luckily, water had begun leaking down from above the subway workers, alerting them to get the heck out - no one was injured.

Video below is from The Guardian:

While things appear to have calmed down a bit—water did fill up the hole, and the hole did widen caving in street lamps and such, there is still an immediate danger to all surrounding buildings that they too could fall in. 

Image at top from Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper,

Sndrew Joseph

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