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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Pee Signage In Thailand And Japan

Here's an interesting photo I took in Thailand, while taking a week's break from teaching English in Japan back in 1992.

I traveled to Thailand to meet my mother who had flown from Toronto, see the sights and then for both of us to fly in to Japan where she would spend a couple of weeks visiting with me, but ultimately going off to see Japan mostly by herself. Brave.

Anyhow, while I have always loved taking photos of religious shrines, temples, mosques, churches et al because of the fantastic amount of effort placed upon the architecture--and Thailand was no exception--while I was there, Thailand was undergoing a bit of an insurrection, with armed forces everywhere - imposing forces with machine guns and stuff to make sure the rabble didn't gt any ideas about anything negative to those in charge.

While that did NOT put a damper on the visit, the above photo kind of did.

Look... I understand that everybody poops and pees, but to essentially desecrate a religious building by placing washroom signage on the steps seemed just completely ludicrous to me.

What's worse, is that the signage appears to sponsored by the Thai aspect of Pepsi-Cola... or, if not... let me see if I understand this signage:

If I drink Pepsi, and I need to use the washroom, then I can just pee over here to the left...

It's like me: coming up to a "Wet Floor" sign... so I did.

I have come across an equally ludicrous sign in Japan:

It's one saving grace was that it was placed in an alleyway I walked into... no I was not going in to pee... I just spotted the signage and thought it would make an interesting photo topic 25 years later.

Andrew Joseph

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