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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

For The Love(doll) Of Wrestling

A few years ago when I was a WWE wrestling junkie (I was single, obviously), I used to cheer for a wrestler named Al Snow.

He used to play a psychotic guy who talked to a manikin’s head, named “Head”. He sometimes used it to tag in and then smash a competing wrestler over the back of the head to grab the win.

What does everybody love?


Now, I didn’t shout along with the television, but I did shout it out to him as I held a door open for him at a comic convention in Chicago in 1999, I think it was.

Al chuckled and said thank-you as he passed in front of me.

Anyhow… as far as inanimate objects go, that was the best… unless you count Mick Foley and his sock puppet that he used to ram down a wrestler’s  throat in a bizarre submission move.

Who knows if Mick ever washed Socko between matches…

Which brings me to the bizarre antics this past summer of a Japanese wrestler named Ibushi Kota (surname first) who performed a wrestling match against a Japanese sex doll names Yoshihiko in a 30-minute full-on tilt for the Japanese wrestling federation Dramatic Dream Team (aka DDT).

Despite the female name, Yoshihiko was dressed up to look like famed American iconic wrestler Hulk Hogan.

And this wasn’t Yoshihiko’s first professional wrestling match, having first hit the ring as far back as 2009.

In other appearances, Yoshihiko has been made up to look like The Undertaker, Kenji Mutoh and The Great Muta.

As stupid as it all sounds to have a “real” wrestler wrestle with a Japanese sex doll in a wrestling match, it takes a lot of skill to sell it the watching audience.

Everyone knows one of the opponents isn’t animate, so it becomes a challenge for, in this case, Ibushi Kota to perform wrestling moves, and to have wrestling moves applied to himself, and to entertain everyone over the length of the 30-minute match!


That’s what Rick “The Nature Boy” Flair would say if he saw this match! That guy was the expert at taking a beating and then doing a face plant into the center of the square ring.

Anyhow… I saw this over at RocketNews 24 (Here)

Sadly the video link no longer works…

I’m stealing a photo from the RocketNews 24 story… you can click on thru the link above to see more.

Andrew Joseph

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