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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Much Ado About Nothing And The Internet

If I may be self-indulgent for a bit, this blog, Japan-It's A Wonderful Rife had its best month ever in December of 2016.

No, I don't mean with my posting of great articles - I do that ever month (sorry... self-indulgent time).

Rather, I mean with the number of visitors.

December of 2016 saw 83,079 visitors... breaking the old record of 71,823 set back in March of 2014.

So... what could I write that would cause an increase of 11,000+ visitors? Sadly nothing.

I can't figure out the Internet and so-called hits.

I see some blogs that are absolutely bat-sh!t terrible, and they draw in millions a day... and hey, more power to them... others... 10s... me - usually around 1500+ a day...

I can check the analytics and see that no one blog went up in visits... most of the blogs I write get maybe a 100+ hits in total... better ones, 400+, and most of the ones you see to the right of this blog anywhere from 10,000 views to 171,000+ views... in fact, I have three blogs that have garnered over 100,000 views.

It's funny... but when I try and duplicate those results by writing about a very similar topic or continuing that same topic - I get 100 views... weird. You would think that Google searches would hit upon the same blog if it produces multiple hits on something... but it doesn't. I don't think.

Anyone who tells you they know why some blogs get large hits and others do not - they are lying.

Yes... I can understand why some YouTube videos get millions of hits, and others a few hundred. People like to laugh, view titillating scenes, cringe at horrific scenes... others like the trap of someone's TOP 10 Reasons why... blah-blah-blah.

The problem when you try to create such things about Japan, is that it's all crap.

Have you ever fallen into that trap of 50 Photos you've never seen before!? I do all the time. The photos are crap, but as I found out, the people who post these photos in these lists do not always do their due diligence regarding research... sometimes what they say is real, is just another doctored photo.

Makes one wonder what else is real.

Like 83,000 views of my blog this past December.

You know how people say that Russia was hacking American e-mails? I had lots of views from Russia... and China.

Every day last month... why the hell are people, robots, whatever clicking on to my blog... and again... not on any one article in particular... I mean... I write about Japan... aside from the issue regarding ownership of islands to the southwest and to the north, neither China nor Russia should be that interested in this blog.

It makes me question the whole popularity of things on the Internet.

How much of it is real popularity, and how much of it is bullcrap.

Take Twitter for a moment. I like Twitter, and often find great stories from it to write about later... and sometimes use it to converse with friends... but I have like 1,000 followers... but who are they really? If they all read my blog, I'd have 2,000 hits a day... but I don't... I can see that when I post a Rife article to Twitter, my Blog's view total jumps by upwards of 20 views within the first minute.

Really? 20 people are that interested in my blog and immediately click to it after a notification from Twitter? I post these blogs at 12:01AM... granted... I know SOME people do look forward to what I write about... but 20 every single night within a minute of posting it via Twitter?

You would expect there to still be some views of the same or greater number within the next minute or two... but no... Twitter... is so huge that unless people actively search out this blog or a particular topic I have #hash-tagged, it is lost within the Twitterverse.

There's just so much stuff in one's Twitter library... coming in 30 items a minute... and most of it crap... most of it spam.

Ah me...

The only reason I write these blogs every day is because at least one person out there on this great blur marble might actually want to read what I wrote.

And I appreciate that one person and all the other legit readers.

Sometime this month, Japan-It's A Wonderful Rife will reach 3,000,000 views... supposedly an achievement... as legitimate blogs don't usually even reach 1,000,000 before the author gets bored or finds a real life for them self.

Oh well... even if that 3,000,000 view target isn't as legit as I would like, at the very least it does show that I haven't grown bored with Japan yet... or that I haven't found a real life for myself.

I have a rife... and that'll do.

For all you real readers out there... thanks.

Hmm... I guess I wasn't as self-indulgent as I thought I was going to be... damned stream of consciousness...

Tomorrow... I'm going to see what I can find on Japanese biscuits... I saw a reference to them on The Great British Bakery show yesterday...

I'm still on vacation, and I'm writing an article for work... and trying to organize my kid's baseball team... heck, my team... and I'm playing video games... and... I need to focus more on this blog.

Andrew Joseph

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