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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Rules Of Engagement For GIs Returning From Japan After WWII

Here's an interesting leaflet found over at Rulon-Miller Books of Minnesota - and it's for sale ( for US$375.

I don't believe it has any historical value... except that someone took the time to create it.

It's essentially a comical bit of advice for American GI's returning to the U.S. after being over in Japan.

First off, people seem to think the document is from immediately after the war... but I think it might actually be from a couple of years after it... my thoughts on that being it offers advice that the American men should look at American women in a different light than the Japanese women they saw in Tokyo, for example.

Immediately after WWII, I don't know how many GIs were looking fondly at anything Japanese... so that's why I think it had to have been written at least after a bit of time had passed where the Americans and other Allies had spend some time in the country trying to help "rebuild" it.

Knowing you don't have to worry about the enemy trying to kill you, the soldiers could relax a bit and see Japan and its beauty (women) on its own merits.

Still... here's what Rulon-Miller Books had to say about this document it had for sale previously:

Memorandum. From Japan:
Yokosuka. To: men returning to the U.S.A.
Japan, n.d. [likely ca. late 1945 or 1946].
Folio lithograph broadside, approx. 14” x 10”, vignette images of Mt. Fuji in each corner and enclosing 15 humorous instructions (46 lines worth) for GIs returning to the States at the close of World War II. These are jovial and innocent (but in fact, sexist and racist) “instructions” for men returning from Occupied Japan. Article no. 1 will set the tone: Upon your arrival in America you will be amazed at the number of beautiful white girls with shoes on, but remember that San Francisco is not Japan. Many of these girls have occupations such as stenographer or beauty operators. Therefore, do not approach them with, ‘How much?’ There is a fair amount of profanity, including the F-word so we can assume this is not an official publication. No.15: “When you come home greet your
sweetheart, wife, or etc. Your natural desire will possibly be very hard to control, but you must  restrain yourself and not be too hasty or enthusiastic. Put your gear down first, then say: “Let’s hit the sack, honey! It’s been a long time...” The words “Eleanor only” appear in ink at the top. Previous folds, else fine.

Andrew Joseph

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