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Monday, January 16, 2017

Sailor Moon Helps Japanese Beat Syphilis

Why the Japanese find they need to have an animated kid's cartoon character be the animated spokesperson to help it combat the rising cases of the sexually-transmitted disease (STD) syphilis is beyond me.

If anything, wouldn't using a titillating anime character make people a bit more horny... you can see the ad above...

In its primary stage, syphilis presents only as minor lesions in affected areas, such as the genitals, but the symptoms often disappear naturally. In the secondary phase, around three months later, patients develop rashes, frequently on their palms or the soles of their feet. The symptoms then often disappear again.

In Japan, during 2016, there were a total of 4,259 cases of syphilis reported - up by 77 per cent from 2015.

While the majority of the cases are between male-female intercourse, there are a number of reports of it being transmitted between the pregnant mother and fetus.

As such, fearing that syphilis is on the rise and will continue to rise in 2017, Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has come up with the "ingenious" platform involving the high-school short skirt-wearing female sexy Sailor Moon anime (animation) character to have the Japanese try and practice safe sex. Riiiiiiight.

Here's what I like (sarcasm): The Ministry blames the rise in syphilis on:
  • changes in sexual behavior in Japan’s youths;
  • its adult entertainment business,
  • and the surge in tourists from countries with high infection rates.
Yup... blame the gaijin.

Back in 1990, when I first arrived in Japan... AIDS was becoming a new disease in the country... and of course, the average Joe Suzuki would cite the influx of gaijin (foreigners) as the reason why.

While that might be the case, it failed to point the stink-finger at itself... back then, and now, Japanese men would make the trip out to places like Thailand to engage in risky sexual activity with the local prostitutes and bring back more than omiyage (presents) to the wife.

Nope - it's the gaijin. Riiiiight.

No one really knows the truth about the spread of syphilis in Japan.

When people are screened for syphilis in Japan, medical staff will only ask the basic question:

Have you had sex recently?

If yes, they create a report on the subject (in accordance with current laws and infectious diseases) noting the patient's gender and age, but fail to ask for the more specific and pertinent information that might tell you what is the blame of the rise, such as nationality and occupation.

All one can really determine from the syphilis numbers is that people are having unprotected sex with someone who has syphilis and contract it that way.

If they are having unprotected sex with strangers or "people they know" in the adult-industry... hey... you pay your money, you take your chances.

Seriously... would you pay to play with someone who says it's okay to ride bareback (no condom)? That's just stupid. Still... even a condom isn't foolproof.

Apparently Tokyo's Shinjuku Ward is rife with syphilis cases according to local hospitals (according to a Japan Times news article)... with the medical facilities estimating that Shinjuku- home of the country's largest entertainment area - has something like 40 percent of Tokyo's cases... which adds up to about 20 percent of the national average.

A special research team of the Ministry is working with Tokyo-area hospitals to try and figure out where all these cases are coming from (no pun intended)... to try and censor this Syphilis Suzuki in the bud.

They hope to have a conclusion so by March of 2018.

The good news, is that is treated early, syphilis can be cured with an antibiotic injection.

Andrew Joseph

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