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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Three-Million Blog Hits

Thank-you - all you regular readers, drop-ins mistakenly hoping for porn, and bots from China and Russia! You have all helped make Japan—It’s a Wonderful Rife reasonably popular!

Three million (3,000,000) hits - achieved at around 10AM EST on January 18, 2017.

Not bad, considering most people start a blog and then realize they either don’t have the time to populate it regularly with content, or they simply don’t have anything to say, or… failing to realize that just because you have a blog and don’t have 10,000 hits a day or thousands of followers or that you can’t figure out how to make money from your blog - it doesn’t mean it’s not successful.

That’s why most people quit - that and they may not have any real interest in writing.

Most people I know have something interesting to say, but lack the means/skills to make it sound as interesting as they hoped. That’s what writers/actors/artists - whatever are for.

That’s cool.

There are many other blogs that cater to the Japan audience that have 10 or more articles published a day - with writers and more contributing their talents - and you know what… many of those are decent, decent sites for information on Japan.

The problem with writing about Japan, however, is that it’s like the 1870s all over again.

You recall the 19th century, right?

That was when everybody wanted to tell everybody about Japan and how cool it was. It was like you couldn’t swing a cat in village with a newspaper without someone trying to tell you about Japan… letters sent to and from sailors… artwork being shipped from Japan… artists being influenced by Japan… it was Japan - Japan - Japan…

I went to Japan in 1990 - and believe it or not, others had been there before me and had written about the place too… actually lived and stayed there… learned the language and everything….

I can’t compete with that.

When writing about something, you have to come up with some way to make your blog stand out - even a bit.

Whether it’s a fancy blog title: Maia Does Japan was intriguing to me… O don’t think she realized it was a play on words for an old, but very good AV/porno movie series: Debbie Does Dallas. If she did know that, then Maia is even more intriguing.

Look at this blog: Originally entitled “It’s A Wonderful Rife”, I added the “Japan—“ bit about one year in… to make sure Google knew I was writing a blog about Japan and not just being incompetent with my spelling of a Jimmy Stewart movie.

Thing is… some people have pointed out to me that my use of the word “rife” could be construed as being racist in its tone… picking on the Japanese inability to say the letter “L” for the most part.

There’s no “L” in any of the three Japanese alphabets… so they substitute “L’s” for “R’s”. Add in the fact that It’s A Wonderful Life was one of my favorite movies - presto!

Now hold on! I also can do a mean J-J-J-Jimmy Stewart, you see.

Even in my head that sounded brilliant.

But… using the term “Rife” is not racist. If anything I’m being insensitive… but not racist. But if anyone feels that it is racist, that is your right and I’m sorry.

As many of you know, I wrote down my daily thoughts and actions in the form of a diary while I was in Japan for those three years… and rewrote them to be more coherent and put it out in my daily blogs…

Everything in them was honest, and real… and made many a person look stupid - including myself.

There’s raw emotion, featuring sex… agony… confusion… success… anger… more sex… more confusion… not as much success… and I think there might be a few more types of emotion tossed in as well… but I’m not sure because I’m not that smart.

I have always peppered this blog with information… not the typical - oh there’s anew Kit-Kat flavor - and wow, Japan sure does have a lot of Kit-Kat flavors… and then list 10 of them…

No… I’m the dumb schmuck who will actually spend 20 hours trying to find out just how many different varieties of Kit-Kat there were produced (NOT released) in Japan…

I did the same for Fanta drinks… I spent hours upon hours researching Japan’s auto industry… and OMG you don’t want to know how long I spent creating related blogs on Japan’s current robotics industry and how it was all related to the way it kept time via the Lunisolar Calendar.

That’s right… from calendars to robots that dare enter a radioactive nuclear reactor… and how it’s all related.

I like to say that I am compiling my own Encylopedia Japonica… but written in a manner that is easy to understand (I read complex science journals and then spend hours trying to dumb it down so that I not only understand it, but so anyone can understand it and explain it themselves!)…

You know that saying: “Too much information”?

Fug that! I hate that adage!

I know to what it relates, but honestly, that just tells me people are too uptight about a lot of things.

Anyhow… I don’t believe in TOO much information.

I believe in giving people ALL the information I can find to get a complete picture of any given subject.

And not just ALL - but ALL the information I can CONFIRM is CORRECT!

The internet is full of crap. You did know that. Not everything on the Internet is real or true. Sometimes well-meaning people pass along incorrect information. Sh!t happens…

But I spend far too many hours trying to find a reliable source or multiple evidences (that don’t say the exact same thing) to prove one simple thing.

I guess that’s my OCD… to seek the truth.

I suppose that’s why my 92 followers have clicked through a cumulative 3,000,000 times… LOL!

Andrew Joseph


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    1. Ha! Thanks! It's always good to know! LOL!

  2. Congratulations buddy. We are all very proud of you.

    1. Thanks Julien! Always glad to hear from you!

  3. I may have started as a drop-in but you converted me to a regular reader. Congrats on your milestone!