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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Son Of US Soldier Robs Japanese Shop With Toy Gun

If you’ve read the headline, you’ll note it brings a whole new meaning to the term Army brat—and I apparently know a few.

I’ll not condemn anyone for indiscretions done as a youth—been there, probably done that… but I knew when it was time to grow up, and that was when I was 18.

On February 3, 2017, despite Japanese media calling him a boy, an 18-year-old man was arrested after using a toy pistol to rob a snack shop of ¥11,000 (which is about US $98.41).

What is worse (??!!) is that he is the son of a U.S. soldier working at the U.S. base on Okinawa.

The man-boy was arrested by Okinawa prefectural police for suspicion of robbery and residence invasion… the reason for that dual charges is that in lots of small businesses like that, the business takes up the first floor or front of the building, with the residence on the second-floor or back of the place.

The robbery was committed by the man-boy by allegedly shoving the toy gun at the 66-year-old male owner of the store in Uruma-shi (Uruma City), while he took the ¥11,000 from the 57-year-old wife of the man.

From a description from the witnesses, the prefectural police found a man who looked similar… which impresses me, because I had largely assumed that all us foreigners looked alike to the Japanese…

The suspect was found about two kilometers away from the crime scene at the area around the Uruma city hall… (really…!!?? that’s even more ignorant!), along with the badly disposed of toy gun (at least bury it!!!).

After confirming the suspects identity with the robbery victims/witnesses… the man-boy was arrested.

In most countries, even using a toy gun during the commission of crime is considered to be, in this case, armed robbery… and I believe Japan is the same way… especially considering Japan’s zero tolerance gun-control (except where the yakuza are concerned, of course).

Regardless of the suspect’s relationship to the U.S. military protecting Japan’s butt from possible Chinese aggression, the kid should be charged and sent to jail…

Of course, it will be interesting to see if anyone trying to kowtow and kiss U.S. President Trump’s butt might consider to try and make the issue disappear… you know… to try and convince the U.S. it should continue to help save Japan, and to forget about what happened 72 years ago, and to concentrate on how much everybody loves playing Pokeemon Go.

By the way… the news story I read did not describe the toy gun used in the crime…

It could be as something as stupid as a water pistol in the coat pocket, or it could be one of those replicas stuck in someone’s gut that are so real looking that police are always more interested in shooting first and asking questions later.

Before I left Japan, a junior high school student gave me what looked like a heavy-duty firearm that could fire pellets at a semi-automatic or automatic rate.

It looked real. It felt real. It weighed heavy as I suspect a real gun would feel.

If I was to walk down a street in Toronto, I would get my butt blown off by a scared policeman, and I would totally deserve it.

The point is… toy gun may be a poor Google translation… replica gun might have been a better choice… but, unfortunately, I’m no Japanese language expert… or, as I suspect, the news reporter may not have known enough to ask the proper question of the prefectural police.

Andrew Joseph
PS: If you think you can figure out the toy gun thing, click HERE to see the original story at 

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