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Friday, March 17, 2017


I want one. Yes… the woman and the cat ears.

Called Necomimi (pronounced the same, Nekko is Japanese for cat), these stylish cat ears is a communication device that augments human bodies and abilities.


Yup… the Necomimi contains sensors that analyze the wearer’s brainwaves to express their emotional state.

When you concentrate on something, the ears rise.

When you are in a more relaxed state, the ears lie down.

I know… what could you possibly use this for? Nothing practical.

But if, for example, I spotted this Japanese model and her gorgeous pair of

... er, cat ears, and I noticed her looking at me and I spy her ears moving upwards, I might think that:

a) I have caught her attention and she is interested in me;
2) I have frightened the catnip outta her and she’s about to run away;
C) She’s noticed something of mine that has moved up - which is interesting because I do not have a Necomimi;
∆) She’s actually glancing at the guy behind me;
V) More interestingly, she’s looking at that woman behind me;
2x4-2) She has spotted that stray cat to her left moving towards her with something in mind other than being her purr pal.

There are plenty of options, none of which  are the point.

It’s a talking point. That’s the point.

If I saw this woman wiggling her cat ears, I might go and strike up a conversation because I’m old enough not to give a crap about the optics, and I am curious like a cat about her moving ears.

Produced by NeuroSky Inc., the Necomimi is a project designed by neurowear, a team in Tokyo that is apparently “focused on creating communication for the near future”, designing prototypes of new products and services based on biological signals like brainwaves, heartbeat, and more.

And if you haven’t seen the Necomimi yet - why not? It was created back around 2010.

Check out their Japanese/English website HERE

Yes... it's St. Patrick's Day... even in Japan... where I'm sure some foreigners looking for an excuse, will don the green and celebrate it with a few Japanese friends. Enjoy.

Andrew Joseph


  1. That was like the most awkward commercial for this product. Like after seeing that guy and they perked up( I can this in our society being the female equivilant to a boner and sexual harassment cases ensues) but then why did she look so disappointed after but then cool and happy again after she made her hears go down? Is it because after she was like "Shit. Everyone can see that I just eye raped that guy and I have boner cat ears?

    1. Ha! I think you hit the nail on the head, and was what I was subtly saying, too... Of course, in Japan, they like that whole female-cat combination (all over anime and manga)... but I think they were really just showing off the technology that perhaps some smart person could take to yet another level. At least I hope that's what they are going for. Eye rape? Eye hump... that's the more politically correct term. LOL.