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Friday, April 7, 2017

First Same-Sex Couple Recognized As Foster Parents In Japan

The Japanese city of Osaka is the first city in Japan to recognize a same-sex couple as foster parents. 

I’m sure there are going to be haters out there who think this is an affront to religion or social values or perhaps something else that is important to them. 

But I don’t think that way.

I applaud the fact that Japan has officially recognized a same-sex (male) couple as foster parents.

It’s a first for Japan.

My pal Matthew sent me a Twitter link to this story on Mashable (which I paraphrased below)… but under that Twitter feed, there’s someone stating that this is all “disgusting and not right”.

Wow… what an ignorant thing to say (in my opinion).

What's even more bizarre, is that I checked out Jay's Twitter site and found the following as a descriptor under his handle:

live,love,life and respect yourself and others as everyone deserves it & laugh as i do not take life too serous

I won't even pick on the serious spelling and grammatical deficiencies here - perhaps English isn't his first language, but his Twitter descriptor has a nice sentiment... except that it is full of hypocrisy.

He says, rightly so, to: "respect yourself and others, as everyone deserves it..."  

(I added the comma because it was driving me nuts.)

Anyhow, this blog isn't about Jay... because we all know there are many other people who share his values. I'm using it as an example. And, for the record, at least Jay had the guts to use his real name and photo to speak his mind. Most do not because they are afraid.

I do, however, take umbrage over the fact that Jay's comment isn’t about the fact that a child has found two loving people to look after him, rather it’s a comment about how two people he doesn’t know… two people he will never know… two people who love each other… are homosexuals, and that a married couple can only consist of a union between a man and a woman.
But love... love… is Jay against love?

No… Jay is all for love as long as it’s between a man and a woman.

I understand Jay’s point of view.

Everyone's opinion is correct, because it is their own opinion.

I just happen to disagree with Jay's opinion.

It is because of the previous two sentences that I also say: Leave Jay alone. He made his point. If you agree with it, fine.

Again, I disagree with his point.

Why? Well... 

Who the hell cares if two men love each other, or two women?

How does the knowledge that homosexuals dare to seek and find love impact on your life?

It doesn’t.

Keep your hate if you must. But why spread it? Live and let live. Love and do as you will.

So… the full story (screw the negative attitudes out there of people who only seem to foster hate and division)…

On April 5, 2017, the city of Osaka has officially recognized two Japanese men - one in his 30s, the other in his 40’s, as foster parents to a teenage boy who has been living in their care since February of this year.

Here’s all that really matters: the couple were granted foster parents status after the city of Osaka determined that they “"understood the foster care system and had the financial wherewithal to raise a child”, according to a Japan Times article.

Their process to be recognized as foster parents began all the way back in 2015… and whether or not this was stone-walling, or simply the city doing its due-diligence, I’m not sure… I don’t know how long a process a male-female couple would have had to endure.

There are a lot of idiots in every country, in every city who abuse the foster parents designation… conversely, most foster parents are legitimate caring people with love in their collective heart.

These two men had to listen and take part in lectures, do training, and undergo screening by the city's social welfare panel.

That’s good. Great even. Not just to make sure a couple of "homosexuals” were fit to be parents, but rather to make sure a couple of people were fit to be parents.

Holy crap… there are so many so-called straight parents out there who have no business being parents… who put themselves ahead of their kids… how can anyone say that it is wrong for this one Japanese teenage boy to have a chance at a normal life with his two gay dads?

Forget everything else… this kid has a chance at having a life. Not a normal life… can anyone define “normal”? No, he has a chance at a life with people who care for him.

Japan, as a nation, is always about 20 to 30 years behind when it comes to social responsibilities relative to the rest of the G7 countries (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States)… but at least it is moving forward.

As Reverend Lovejoy’s wife, Helen, famously uttered all the way back in a 1996 episode of The Simpsons: “Won’t somebody please think of the children!”

Twenty-one years later... in this one case... Japan is.

Andrew Joseph
PS: I know why the Helen Lovejoy quote was made, but in this case, it actually seems to fit. Even if one is too caught up in religious or social morays to agree with what’s going on in this modern 21st century world, at least look at the big picture and see that starting now, one more kid in Japan is loved.
PPS: Although… even if foster parent status wasn’t granted by the city of Osaka to the male-male couple, would it have affected their relationship with the teenage boy? Nope.I don't believe that for an instant.
It takes a certain kind of brave to be able to do what they did. And the same for the city of Osaka.
PPPS: BTW, the image at the top is the original cast for the television show Two and a Half Men... and I am not suggesting that anyone in the photo is anything other than an actor in a funny television show I enjoyed. I just though the photo would look nice on this blog. 


  1. I believe that it is a great accomplishment, and it can help Japan become more open and friendly to LGBT people. I do believe that all kinds of love is beautiful.