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Monday, May 8, 2017

Japan's Fate In Upcoming Marvels' Infinity War Movie?

This past Friday I had an enjoyable evening out with my friends - something I do all to infrequently.

Just dinner and a couple of drinks, but a fun time. My buddy Rob, at the end of the night gave me a handful of comics he had purchased for me... one of which I'll discuss later. Tomorrow.

Strangely, I don't have a lot of fun...

No maybe that's BS. I do.

I tend to make my own fun... I enjoy coaching baseball and was really down when I couldn't watch my son partake of any games this weekend nor when I couldn't run a practice because the fields were too soaked from the days of rain.

We did manage to spend a few hours together this Sunday watching Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2... it was fun, but not as good as the first movie... certainly the music wasn't... but whatever... that's just up to the individual taste, right. Aftera ll, I love those characters even if Drax isn't green like he is in the comics.

I was one of those few people who have actually read the comic books long before the movie made them popular.

I was going through my collection afterwards - just poking around to recall what books I have. I've been out of the reading/collecting aspect for about five years... and as such, I've forgotten just what I own.

There was a time I knew exactly what I owned of my 30,000+ books... exactly... right down to how many copies I have of each, what happened plot-wise in each...

So it was with great satisfaction that I came across some from 1991... which doesn't seem old until one realizes they are now 26-years-old. The series in question is Marvel Comics' The Infinity Gauntlet.

For those who care to listen... this is the basis of the next Avengers movie... Thanos - a demi-god fascinated/in love with Death, uses the power of the Infinity Stones to wipe out 25% of the population of the universe.

Infinity Stones? These are the: Space; Mind; Power; Reality; Time; and Soul gems.

The Space Stone is the Cube/tesseract (Captain America movie - first one);
The Mind stone is in Loki's Scepter;
The Reality Stone is that red stuff from the last Thor movie;
The Power Stone is the purple one in the first Guardians movie;
The Time Stone is the awesome Eye of Agamotto in Dr. Strange;
The Soul Gem stone - my favorite - belonged to Adam Warlock in the comic books... a character that has only been seen in recent movies within a cocoon - most recently in the second Guardians movie. But... the stone did NOT make an appearance.

That means it will appear in the upcoming Infinity War movie. Featuring Adam Warlock.

Don't worry - I'm not spoiling the plot...

Anyhow, that Infinity Gauntlet comic book... it had a Japanese connection... after Thanos gets angry, he causes a psychic wave to wash over the galaxy - including Earth. His powers are amped by possessing all six of the Infinity Stones...

Here's a bit of what happens on Earth:
click on the image to make it larger.

Basically, tsunami waves were caused and hit Japan.

That's all for now...

Andrew Joseph

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