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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Inflatable Godzilla Costume

I've just spent my Saturday doing baseball. Coaching a game as an assistant for my son's Peewee house league, and then helping another coach run a try-out for midget (16 & 17-year-olds)... and am mentally exhausted.

Realizing I need to come up with a hot topic for this blog, I of course found one in Godzilla.

I know... you saw the photo above... but what has this to do with baseball.

Absolutely nothing (say it again!).

Believe it or not... what we have here is an inflatable Godzilla costume.

Yup... an inflatable Godzilla costume you can wear... for under $100.

The good folks over at Hot Topic have this fully licensed costume that comes with an attached fan to inflate the costume while you are in it.

I guess it's kind of like those inane Sumo wrestler suits... except this is way cooler because it features Godzilla.

The only downer is that you need 4 AA batteries - which are not included.

It's also made of polyester... instead of muscle and lizard scales, but who cares... it's an inflatable Godzilla costume you can wear. 

I'm unsure if it is something one could utilize in the boudoir, but I'm sure a truly creative person could come up with a way.

To purchase your own inflatable Godzilla costume from Hot Topic - from whom I have purchased a butt-load of geeky, otaku tee shirts - click HERE. Maybe they deliver to your neck of the woods.

Somewhere with an idea,
Andrew Joseph

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