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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Japanese Schoolgirl Prostitutes

While not a prostitute, this young lady is criminally hot.
Well... if you are reading this blog you must either be intrigued or disgusted by the headline of this blog.

I've amended the blog a wee bit since this was first published in 2011. Update May 2016.

The first thing you need to know is that age of sexual consent in Japan is 13.

I had no idea.

Usually, I'm pretty good at picking up on such things... and in the following case, I would have pushed back.

As a junior high school teacher in Ohtawara-shi, Toichigi-ken, Japan, I constantly had young girls pressing themselves all over me and trying to hold my hand or give me massages (no happy ending!).

It was a little disturbing, and I did accept the offers of a massage in the teacher's office, but I never thought there was anything untoward in the way they acted towards me.

But, not once did I suspect that there might be any student offering themselves up as a prostitute. Personally, I doubt that sort of stuff went on in my tiny do inaka (boondocks) of a city. But what the heck does anyone really know about what goes on in their city?

Japan's Anti-Prostitution Law of 1956 states (in English translation) that "No person may either do prostitution or become the customer of it," but the law contains many loopholes and liberal interpretations of the law, which in turn has caused a loose enforcement of the law, which has allowed Japan to establish a sex trade industry to comes into some ¥2.3 trillion (Cdn/US $27.2 billion) a year.

A recent article (as of 2011) in the international press states that prostitution is rife in Japanese schools, with schoolgirls of ever younger ages selling their bodies for extra spending money, both to adults and among themselves.

Prices for girls in elementary school are said to have dropped below ¥3,000 (~Cdn/US $36), leading some to wonder what has and will become of the nation’s public morals.

In many cases the prostitution is conducted through deai-kei (出会い系... which means 'meeting') sites, often relationship-focused BBSes (bulletin board systems) designed for use with mobile phones.

There is a case of a junior school boy who pimped a 13-year-old girl for over ¥60,000 (~Cdn/US $712) by using a deai-kei BBS; and other school girls who use the site to pimp themselves.

Known as enjo kousai (paid dating), a whole industry of schoolgirl prostitution has sprung up, with girls being called 'JC' within the slang of the sites (JC = Joshi Chugakusei - which means junior high school student), and with the large amounts of money involved encouraging involvement in the trade.

A junior high boy is said to have advertised: “Recruiting JC in Kanagawa. You can make a lot so anyone looking for dates come to me,” and to have pimped out a 16-year-old girl for ¥40,000 (~$475).

Such prices are said to be the exception rather than the rule, with prices very much lower for students who set themselves up—or when they are even younger in age. Cases show that high school students sold their wares to one another for a paltry ¥3,000 ($36), while junior high kids charged even less.

This is not about getting rich. It's about getting pocket change.

These so-called dating sites are been monitored with greater urgency by the Japanese police, but like prostitution in any country, these sites can operate discretely even with the police supervision.

In a case of "D'uh", there is a nationwide filtering of child access to the Internet as a solution, and does appear to be working.

Thankfully, Japan has been promoting the use of condoms, so pregnancies have been kept low.

Having said that, some Japanese girls are blasé about condom usage and have no concerns getting pregnant—and even the dear-old school teacher will often turn a blind eye to pregnancies rather than get involved.

Despite condom usage, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are on the rise in Japan, as healthcare officials have noted that up to 30 per cent of those with STDs were teenagers.

Perhaps not surprisingly, university students are also involved in prostitution—it's not really a rare event anymore.

The newspaper article then notes that traditionally Japan has blamed the men/boys involved, and openly penalizes them while instead offering counseling to the females.

Personally, if there were no women offering sexual services for money, then prostitution would not exist. If there were greater and equal penalties for those offering themselves for money, as well as for those seeking such favors, perhaps there wouldn't be such a yen for the world's oldest profession... and I'm not talking about farming.

Here's a link to another one of my blogs on the topic - how the solicitation was DONE.

Somewhere wondering what the parents of these kids are doing,
Andrew Joseph


  1. Ok, greater penalties for the girls could help.
    I agree with Gerald Mclellan 'Schoolgirl Prostitution in Japan' who thinks that the time will solve the problem when the politics come to move.
    And when the wishes of these girls are getting lower, they dont need extra money.
    "As with anything new, it takes time to sort out the problems, and although the government of Japan should have instigated procedures to subdue the problem of enjo-kōsai much sooner, the wheels of government are notorious for turning slowly in Japan, and as such it has taken as long as it has done to start implementing new laws and to make changes to the ways in which education, and in particular, sex education is to be taught in schools." Source:

  2. Gordon makes excellent points! I personally don't have a problem with a woman making a few extra bucks provided it is done in a safe environment and of her own free will. But... only for adults and with adults. Kids? Uh-uh.

    1. western social values much? the originator did state that "age of consent is 13." idk if that's also age of adulthood. i doubt it, but it could be. so in japan there'd be some, but less social stigma for a f/m well into adulthood banging a young teenager. the saying "if it's old enough to bleed, it's old enough to breed." is constitutionally codified in japan. for better or worse.

  3. I still believe it should be legalized and regulated to ensure the women are healthy (for their own sake!), and if legalized, it's taxed - and everybody gets a piece of the pie.

  4. You said you couldn't find what JC meant and I thought I could help with that.
    JC is actually one of three; JC, JK and JD which stand for "Josei Chuugakusei", "Josei Koukousei" and "Jousei Daigakusei" respectively.
    I don't think I need to explain to you what they mean, but I'll just explain for the sake of full explanation;
    Josei (女性) means Female. The subsequent markers indicate what age range they're looking for, "C = Middle-school Student" K = High-school Student" and "D =University Student".
    Hope that helped.

  5. these girls live too dangerously
    where the heck are thier parents?
    they need some morals.

    1. I agree Samuel. Even forgetting about morals, it IS a dangerous business. I don't really have a problem with prostitution as a business, but only for adults, and it should be regulated as a means to keep the women safe, as well as the johns, and the government can tax the industry to its heart's content.

  6. "Personally, if there were no women offering sexual services for money, then prostitution would not exist."

    Yeah, and if there were no people wanting drugs...

    I have to say, I find your naivety hardly believable. Poverty corruption and prostitution go hand in hand in hand. All of Asia is the same, S.America, Africa, Russia, etc...All the same.

    Japan produces some 80% of the world's paedophilia. A great amount for such a few small islands.

    If teens in Japan only account for 30% of the stds, then it is probably wiser to indulge your sexual urges with them, rather than risk the older folks who are responsible for the remaining 70%.

    I don't understand those commenting here who think that morals come into the equation. It's all about money. When you've little money, morals don't exist. Only the well off can pander to thoughts of morality.

    Same thing with legality. The richer you are, the less laws there are. Police enforcement? HA! Poorly paid police personnel need money, too.

    Grow up and open your eyes. See the world from the the perspective of the huge majority of its inhabitants, not from that of the minority, or the Westerner's view.

  7. yes... an interesting perspective. But why so hostile? Maybe you just need to get laid. I know someone who could help you out.
    Morals do come into the equation. What are you stupid? If morals weren't part of the equation then every single poor person would be doing something illegal just to survive... but they don't. Morals do play an important part in every damn thing we do as a society. Rich or poor. Yes, some people are forced into prostitution or are sold into it by their family... but again... morals of those doing the forcing.
    But this blog really is dealing with people offering themselves up to prostitution for money, or perhaps in that rare case because they they like sex. I had a girlfriend who was a prostitute. She enjoyed the money and the lifestyle it brought her. Morals? She loved money and bling and so her morals went out the money. I've dated women who were massage parlor workers and strippers. Money. There are other ways to make money - at least for these women. I've known some to do it as a quick way to pay for university. I don't judge them because they are good with what they do and why they are doing it. Forced prostitution - that's horrible. Poverty, corruption and prostitution go hand in hand? YOU are naive. It doesn't have to.
    People want what they can't have. Not having something makes them want it even more. In Japan, these young women are into the prostitution for money. Not because they are forced into it. I'm not talking about anything except this particular case of Japanese teenaged pros.
    Yeah... Japan has a high level of pedophiles... and you know this how? Whatever.
    If there are no illegal drugs then what? Use something legal?
    You are correct about one thing: perhaps I should have said 'if there were no women involved in prostitution' rather than 'offer'. My bad. I did say that maybe greater penalties for everyone involved might lower the incidence of prostitution. If you don't agree, what's your solution? No penalties? Make it legal? I did say that it should be regulated - but only for consenting adults.
    Wow... read the whole effing article and pick on a single word to rank about how the rich can get away with everything. If that were true then every rich person is doing something illegal. Naive? Look in the mirror.
    Thanks for reading.

    1. Why the f do people still insist that's something immoral about sex for money. I think prostitutes are more moral and honest. A fair exchange at an agreed value, Money=Sex. Girlfriends/Wives are more immoral. Coercion ie Sex as reward for good behaviour, withdrawal of it for perceived bad behaviour. Sex in return for shelter, clothing, jewelry, theatre/movies/opera etc. The costs/fees are obscured and hidden but they are there all the same.

  8. " an interesting perspective. But why so hostile? Maybe you just need to get laid. I know someone who could help you out. " Bwa Ha Ha! That's hilarious. Blammo! Game over!

  9. good article but, this is not a game! is said to the japanese mafia "yakuza" is involved in the paid dating!

    not suitable for foreigners, japanese only can consume japaneses prostitutes schoolgirls.

    I want one schoolgirl +16 but i can't :( the yakuza could kill me!

    Excuse me for my poor english (:D

    1. Your English is fine! I did not know that the yakuza was involved. It doesn't surprise me, however. Thanks for writing.

    2. But... you don't need a 16-year-old girl. Try a woman. For the same money, they'll be any age you want.

  10. Condom awareness and usage in Japan? All good and well, if they ... Might need Mum to post some over... Sound familiar? LOL, you playboy you!
    A very well written piece and yes, kind of makes me think that I too must have been a littltle nieve with all the uncomfortable advances by junior high school girls that came my way! 13, are they crazy?

  11. Screw their morals 13 is perfect age ;)

  12. Sheesh..... you only provide half the information in the article.
    The national age of consent in Japan is 13 as specified by the Japanese Penal Code Articles 176 and 177.[ However, prefectures can have ordinances that prohibit sexual activities with any minor under 18

    So, the national government can not use its resources and ask Interpol to go after someone, but the prefectures (like states in the U.S.) can!

    1. You are correct! I guess I got lazy and didn't check on the prefectural standards. Thank you for mentioning that. I guess my Western moralities and being a teacher of junior high kids STOPPED me from getting the whole story.Cheers.

  13. If you want to be treated like a number, the surest way to do it is through ageism. I'm not sure how punishing anyone for using their bodies in nonviolent ways is just. I do know how it's moral, because people have some weird illogical morals conditioned into their stubborn brains. It was moral to make human sacrifices at one time, and it's moral to invade countries, and moral to imprison someone for 20 years for inhaling smoke, so you'd feel better after eating a full handfuls out of a public trash can than having morals if you ventured Beyond Good and Evil.

    Hardly anyone ever points out that it'd help dial down craziness and increase confidence in having a real relationship if a hikikomori could score a sex date one time. Just one time. The (bad) rub for me is that she'd leave after. I'm politically obligated to say I care how old she'd be, though if I weren't oppressed, I'd say I'd let our hearts, biology, and shared interests decide our fate together instead of empty-headed arbitration. This is the way it was done for eons before some idiots pulled the number 18 out of their ass. Then the same idiots tried to pretend ageism only worked for elderly people.

    I don't live in Japan, but I dream for a day in Amerika that people decide for themselves who to marry. I agree that a lot of young people are ignorant, but some are exceptional. And I want to marry someone exceptional without worrying about checking her ID. Usually people make sure they're a good fit sexually *before* marrying. Sadly, I have had to turn down dates before because you are asking for it as a man getting involved with a girl two minutes younger than the arbitrary legal age. Geeky girls too--the best kind.

    I wonder if I'll later regret letting the truth be heard. Usually if you tell the truth today, there's an angry mob of well-trained, pro-establishment liars salivating for fresh meat to sensationalize about. Hard as hell to find scientific thinkers in this stupid as hell world. Clearly there are a few less idiots in Japan. Glad for them.

    1. Barrett - your first response is well thought out and presented for excellent clarity - and I know what you are saying. But laws, regardless of one's feeling of inequality or sense of justice are set out for a reason. Not everyone agrees with every law, to be sure, but laws are set up to protect people to the best of the law's ability. Mankind has always had a sense to do things it wants - rather than taking into the account of what others want. By that I mean "I want to have sex with her" - and so you do, regardless if she wanted to. That's not fair to the other. But, in prostitution, while many women get into the business for a way to make money, many others are forced into it. I think - and I say 'think' - that laws regarding the young and sex are meant to protect those who would exploit them.
      Yes, there are many cultures in which child marriages are legal. Heck, in the Hebrew world, a boy and girl become men and women at 13. In Japan,I knew an American girl who at 13 was dating a 21 year old, and her parents were okay with it. Morally, for them - not wrong. In the eyes of the law (if they were sleeping together - and they were) that is statutory rape.
      As for smoking something - I assume MJ - I see your point, but until the laws are changed, everyone who does (guilty) is breaking the law. Rightly or morally rightly.
      Without laws and guidelines, we (as humans) would have descended to pack animals killing as we see fit. Worse than that even, because at least a pack of animals does it to eat and survive. Humans go beyond survival of the belly... to fulfill other cravings. It's why we have to have laws.
      Still... I know what you are saying. I am not disagreeing with it or agreeing with it, as everyone's own opinion is correct.
      And... I must say that I admire your bravery for speaking your mind. I do not agree with all you say, but I reserve the right to allow you (and anyone else) to have their opinion.
      Interesting spelling of America, comrade, by the way.

    2. The most accepted theory behind attraction to girls is that when girls become fertile, attraction is inevitable. We are a species made to survive after all. Most girls are fertile around 12 years old. Moreover, women are the most fertile before 18...still very fertile into 20's but it just becomes less and less every year. What are your thoughts on this. Do you think that it's wrong for society to look down on something that is biologically natural to you or do you think you should supress urges to fit society?

      Not all 13 yr old girls want to have sex or have sex with someone much older. There is something called the law of attraction that applies to all biologic species, we being part of that. Now everyone may have an emotional breakdown over this fact because they dont understand how nature works. This urge that develops at puberty is instinctive and to say " oh how sad she is being robbed of her innocence is just silly and ignorant" Our minds have been brainwashed and primed by society to believe that such an act is wrong, bad or evil. Is it really?? In many parts of the world the age of consent is 13, 14 or 15. Are those countries morally bad?? I don't think so. They have accepted that such things are bound to happen. There are no useless laws around that behaviour in those countries. In the west there is this stupid statutory rape law which makes no sense because many teens are disregarding that very law. It is seen as puntive and too harsh even when a relationship is wholesome and not abusive. I think having blanket laws is very inappropriate. Each case must be looked at individually and judged according to its merits. I am 19 now but when I was 13 I had a much older boyfriend who I am still with and in a very beautiful relationship. I came to no harm and we have thrived. I had no problem being sexually active with someone much older. He was mature and very endearing and put up with a lot of my nonsense. I would never have got that with a guy my age.
      So we need to chill, relax and just take a deep breath and stop making a moral argument for such relationships. This has gone really crazy and there has been so much time, money and effort being poured into this "moral initiative" Meanwhile people are dying from starvation, wars, terrorism and so many other evil things.

  14. I offer for clarification:

    "Never was there a man so morose and severe a pursuer of virtue, and so great an enemy to pleasure, as to lay down hard rules for men to undergo much pain, many watchings, and other rigours, and yet at the same time not to advise them to do all in their power to relieve the miserable, and who did not present gentleness and good nature as amiable dispositions. Thence they infer, that if a man ought to advance the welfare and comfort of the rest of mankind--there being no virtue more kindred to our nature than to ease the miseries of others, to relieve them from trouble and anxiety, and to furnish them with the comforts of life, in which true pleasure consists--nature will more strongly include him to do all this for himself." -- Saint Thomas More, executed on July 6, 1535.

    Robert Bolt's More in A Man for All Seasons (1960) (a great play and conception of More): "Some men think the Earth is round, others think it flat; it is a matter capable of question. But if it is flat, will the King's command make it round? And if it is round, will the King's command flatten it?"

    Oh, the things we could learn from history. Unfortunately, for most people, their NURTURE is torture is moral and Jesus and his father are brutal throwaway imbeciles, perfect gods for brutal throwaway imbeciles.

    Eventually the watchers will have to build another planet to watch this planet, and a third planet that's a prison planet.

  15. OMG. This is just sad. age 13? maybe some of them haven't had their periods yet.
    when i was that young i only thought of school, studies, friends, crushes. I only thought of boyfriend stuff when i was 15. I never even have pocket money most of the time (school being just 3 minutes walk). started reading romantic novels where i read about sex books but i never imagined i'd do it until a go to college (we only have 6yr elementary and 4yr high school so I was freshman at 16) and actually did it couple of years after college grad.

    I think one reason is that their own government made a penal code as to what age you can have sex. Its like encouraging them to have sex instead of teaching and letting them understanding the confusing changes of adolescence.

    I'm not denying that my country has no cases of child prostitution but i am sure they do it because or desperate lack of money (like they have no rice on the table for the whole family like street children) but not for some pocket money to buy make-up or latest gadget or whatnot.

    And also where are the parents? Most japanese wives are just housewives so why can't they take care of their kids?

    1. I know 13 may sound young but I know from my own experience that I knew a lot and had already had my sexual experiences. I think we need to keep with the times and not sweep this under the carpet but accept as something that will happen because there is so much information out there and so many influences that help girls explore their sexuality much earlier. I dont think there is anything bad provided precautions are taken and alcohol and drugs are not used and that there is no physical abuse. Respect and fun should go hand in hand with intimacy. Sex is fun and must be celebrated in that way not viewed as something bad or a taboo.

    2. Dannii... there's sex and then there's prostitution. In most cases, there is a controlling interest from a pimp with regards to prostitution. There's no fun there.
      I agree that prostitution of minors is something that needs to be discussed more - especially in Japan.

  16. this is just sick. yes, where are their parents? and what has happened in a culture where men have no qualms about stealing the innocence of young girls too stupid and naive to act better?

    1. Hi Caroline... I agree.
      where are the parents? Parents? Parents are working. Or are looking after the home. They assume the kids are at school doing club activities... or, perhaps it's a single parent who MUST work... I don't pretend to know the answers. Still, the kids must have some responsibility.
      I knew the difference between right or wrong as a kid. Certainly as a teenager.
      For them... just as adults... I think they see prostitution as a means to a financial ends - pure and simple. Regardless of the country or culture.
      It happens in every so-called 1st wold country.
      But... as for what essentially is grown men having sex with underage kids... I have no answer for that, except that it is proof of the decline of a moral society. Again... every single 1st world country has people wanting to do this. I don't think we can just point a finger at Japan.
      But which culture do YOU mean? This type of stuff happens every day in Canada, US, Great Britain, Australia, Germany, France... take your pick. New Zealand, Austria, Hungary, Brazil, Argentina, India... China, Sweden... we don't hear about it, but it is going on.
      Our society as a whole is morally bankrupt.

    2. Most of the japanese parents are busy working for some company they don't even own,,
      I'm so glad i was not born here!'

  17. so if i go to japan and hang out around high schools I'm able to pick up a girl? i see alot of these problems happening in hong kong too. especially thru a web site called government don't seem to care much about this and even the own family members, why don't they teach their kids about these things????

  18. When I lived there the girls would make money of japanese men and spend it on me !

    Such is life you pay for your wife and kids and when your at work shes banging the pool boy !

    Women are more calculating then most men think and they dont want the "nice" guy !

    True in any culture - These girl spend their money on their bad boy boyfriends - that is just the way it is. As for STD'S have enough sex with enough women and you will get std's many of them - The problem is its usually from the girl you trusted or your girlfriend !

  19. I am a woman and a mother of three. Two of my kids are girls and I make it a point that they won't fall into such labor..I will make it a point that they wouldn't need as much as these young girls do. I live in Japan now working as an English teacher..I saw stuff like this and as a woman, I feel terrible.
    I guess the main issue is that parents tend to oversee what their little one are needing and doing.
    I feel so sorry for them..I guess the Japanese government has to be responsible with all of these. I saw a lot of police boxes everywhere in Japan but I have never seen a few patrolling... I am not sure what these boxes are for.
    If a girl or a woman is working to make to meet her needs that is fine as long as it is done legally and they are happy doing it. Even a prostitute has her own reason why she is doing such thing.
    I don't wanna judge these people because I have no idea what they have been though.
    I blame the government....It is the government which has the maximum duty to regulate rules.

    1. Hi Yani Eurena P. Geralla. Thank you for writing. I thank whatever gods there are that I don't have a daughter. If there was no demand there would be no supply. It is the men that cause the demand.
      And, where I don't have an issue with men seeking out women for trade—I do have a huge problem with men seeking out kids.
      As strange as it sounds, I know two women who have engaged prostitution as a profession... to earn a set amount of money and then walk away. They both did that. They got lucky, I think.
      Now... the government can regulate all they like... but really, the mindset needs to change. The mindset of many men.
      At my local comic book store in Toronto, there are guys coming in to buy Sailor Moon stuff all the time. Really? It's an okay show... but take one look at these guys and you know it's not because the show is good, but because the characters all dress in sexy costumes... but hey... as long as they only drool over young girl cartoons in their own home and leave the real ones alone - good.
      Good luck with your family.
      Being aware that there are bad things out there is half the battle. Talking to them about such bad things might help. It couldn't hurt.

    2. "At my local comic book store in Toronto, there are guys coming in to buy Sailor Moon stuff all the time. Really? It's an okay show... but take one look at these guys and you know it's not because the show is good, but because the characters all dress in sexy costumes..."

      Really? I'm a pervert myself and I see nothing sexy about Sailor Moon. I prefer to "drool over" lewd/ecchi anime and manga.

    3. Tell me Yani Eurena P Geralla, you say you feel sorry and very bad for these girls. WHY? From what I am hearing, those girls are doing it because they want to do it. You feel that way because your mind has been primed to think that way or feel a certain way when you see this happen. To you this is not good but to them it is no big deal. Why must your views be more superior than the views and actions of those Japanese school girls? WHY? Just leave other cultures to themselves. You know there is no harm until you brainwash someone to believe that harm has been done to them. Sex is pleasurable and biology has determined it to be that way. If those girls are using it to their advantage and dont believe they are being harmed then let them be that way. Why do you think you need to change that or to feel you need to make a moral issue out of it? Why are you blaming the government? The government has not condoned or sanctioned this activity. These girls are doing this not to survive but to have a luxurious lifestyle. They are doing it out of their own free will. LET THEM BE. If they are happy with what they are doing then leave them alone. I think you are the one to be pitied because you can see no other way but with the way your mind has been primed. In South America or Mexico, girls get married at 13. Do you call that immoral? Are you going to change the entire culture of that place?? Try and run your own life with your own morals. Please don't impose that on others. That is arrogant and insensitive. Remember NOT all japanese girls do that. There are a few who engage in such acts. As long as they are NOT forced or harmed by drugs or alcohol or physical abuse and as long as it is don't through their own free will then let them do what pleases them. Don't start planting seeds of guilt in their minds.

  20. you accepted the massage offers? strange

    1. Not so strange. It wasn't sexual... and there were male, as well as female students who would come in and with closed fists tap-tap-tap on my shoulders and the shoulders of both male and female teachers. It wasn't sexual, no matter how hard people try and sell it. I only mentioned it because, for me, I couldn't figure out why any student would want to do anything nice for a teacher. That's the western mentality, anyway.
      There was no rubbing of muscles... it really was just balled up fists tapping on the neck and shoulders...

  21. Hey ! :D I'm writing my bachelor paper about prostitution in Japan, and I was wondering if you could share your sources for this? I can't seem to find them on the page ^^

  22. Hell i know where i'm going now, and thats balls deep in theses girls :D

  23. Blogspot lives on! Huzzah. Thx for the legit citizen journalism.

  24. Prostitution should be legalized and taxed. It would help contain diseases like HIV/AIDS

  25. The word, pay, is defined in the as to settle (a debt, obligation, etc.), as by transferring money or goods, or by doing something. Or in other words, the word, pay, might not literally be interpreted as payment of money. It could refer to doing some service.

    According to Japan, prostitution is defined only as vaginal intercourse for pay. If the word, pay, has to be defined as doing some service in exchange, it certainly prohibits prostitution without monetary involvement. The reason is simply that a woman gives vaginal intercourse to a man in return of some service, i.e. the satisfaction of man’s desire. The satisfaction of man’s desire is to be considered to be doing part of the service to man for his desire in return. As the word, pay, in, does not restrict its definition to monetary payment, it should cover the service that that man has received in response to vaginal intercourse.

    Thus, despite Japan defines the word, prostitution, to vaginal intercourse for pay, they could make the prostitution without monetary payment to be illegal in the sense that there is a service that man has received in response to vaginal intercourse.

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  27. schoolgirl prostitution - AWESOME!!!

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  29. How can you bash on these girls for lack of morals when your top posts include "What do Japanese Women sound Like in Bed? and "Top 10 Guide to Biggest Tits in Japan"? If people like you didn't turn women into a commodity, they'd have nothing to sell.

    1. I won't ague with you, but I'm not selling women... there's no ads on this blog.
      The fact that the POPULAR blogs listed have stuff like those blogs on there are ONLY there because that's what people keep clicking on everyday, every week... it's a monthly calculation done by some app blogger offers.
      Look... if there is nothing for sale, there are no buyers. The girls (for the most part) get into it because they think it's easy money. No such thing, of course.
      Yes... men often push women into prostitution. But not always. Many women get into as a means to make money.
      You seem to want to equate me with being a pimp. Gee... (sarcasm), thanks.
      I guess it would be best if we all just hid our heads in the sand and ignored everything... that no one should write about anything... I'm not selling anything. Since you are not privy to my private e-mails with many a reader, you have no idea that I dislike the fact that these 'sex' blogs are the ones that people keep reading the most.
      I wish more people would read about the 8-or more part history I wrote on the history of Japanese robotics, or the automobile or dinosaurs or whatever.
      But... since you are unaware of that, you also are unaware that this isn't a blog about sex... it's a blog about Japan, and like it or not, sex is a part of Japan... and so I write about it. You'll notice that I try to avoid graphic language or images.
      I agree with you that this schoolgirl prostitution stuff is tragic, but I have no idea why you feel the need to shoot the messenger. Whatever... that's your opinion. My conscience remains clean.

    2. Does anyone know how I reply on here. I have posted replies but they either dont appear or appear transiently and then have disappeared when I sign in again after logging off. There must be another fool proof way of doing this.

  30. Teen prostitution IN JAPAN is happening by choice. Why is everyone trying to be the moral guardians of those teens? This is being done by choice and NOT forced upon them. To me, when something is done voluntarily I don't think it is anyone's business to try and make a moral meal of that action and sit down there judging those teens. Remember, where there is a will there is a way and Teens will find a way to have sex if they want to. Now whether they choose to do it for money or with a much older guy who gives them gifts and money is no one else's but their choice to do so. Americans and other Westerners think that they are the "moral guardians" for the rest of the world and try to judge everyone for their actions. Are Americans and the westerners any more morally replete ? Absolutely NOT. Just because they have statutory rape clauses and laws does not make them any more morally superior. Look at the mess the west is creating in the rest of the world. It is time the west stopped judging and left people and other cultures to do as they please. I would advise the west to go and clean up their own backyards first before judging other countries. You cannot expect society and the government to be the chastity belt of the teenagers. There is too much time, money, effort being spent on trying to create a moral wrap around teen sexuality. LEAVE TEENS ALONE.
    I speak for myself coming from a western culture and I know for sure how we teens think. At 13 I had a boyfriend more than twice my age and I didn't give a damn what society thought or felt and I didn't care about the pseudo protective laws. I am still with the guy and I plan to travel Japan on a holiday with him. I stumbled upon this site and I was so annoyed that everyone and anyone, especially males are deciding how teen girls should behave and what is right for them.
    I commend the Japanese girls for sticking by what they want and by their decision as to how they conduct their lives. They are NOT forced into this. That is a choice they have made. Leave them, alone. Why are we being their moral guardians? WHY? Where the law should step is when they have been physically abused or raped ( I am not talking about the stupid statutory rape clause - absurd law) or when drugs and alcohol are used to procure sex. Otherwise if they are willing partners then so be it. They have to live by their decisions.

    1. Ahhhhh .. my post has reappeared it seems. LOL

    2. For some comments, it appears as possible spam, so basically, you have to wait until I view it (I get a notification for all comments), and then okay it. Sorry for the delay.

  31. 日本の売春婦はすべて韓国女です。

  32. Replies
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      I'm sorry you seem to be having problems...
      I'm NOT doing anything to block them... BUT... the comments do NOT appear at the bottom... they appear under whatever comment YOU replied to. So... some could be higher up in the page... I saw a July 11 comment under a January 12 comment... scroll up... let me know if all your comments are there...

    2. Andrew even when I log in I cannot see my posts unless I publish something new. Why are my posts hidden but only come up when I publish more responses. This is crazy. There must be a problem. Can you look into this please. Thanks so much.

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  37. I think that as long as people are being safe let them do what they want, clearly there is an issue with the middleschool girls ages but highschool students are generally old enough to know what they are getting into, AoC (age of consent) where I am from is 16 so I see nothing wrong with that at all the laws of statutory aside because those laws can be just idiocy when consentual sex is labelled rape because one party is x amount of years older than the other party baffles me that all being said if a girl who is old enough to know what shes doing wants to use sex to make money who is anyone to judge? (This is where all the christian and other religious people raise their hands) well none of the religions matter because Japan is mostly Shinto which has no moral basis for things like this, all in all my point is that so long as everyone involved is concenting and over the legal age of consent I dont see a big deal

  38. again my comments dont appear when I log in !!!

    what is wrong???

    1. your complaints always appear... but not your comments? You are the only one this appears to happen to. Sorry Dannii... no idea why.

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  42. 13 is technically not officially correct.. it depends how old YOU are compared to the person in question. Just saying ... I'm A-san I know of all the sins of Japan