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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

2008 Miss Universe Japan

Mima Hiroko 2008 Miss Universe Japan
Okay... so are you ready for a Miss Universe scandal involving sex, lies and videotape?

Well... the 2008 Miss Universe Japan Mima Hiroko (surname first - 美馬 寛子) was allegedly involved in a sex tape! Yay! ... er... I mean, how shocking.

First some background information... patience... if you take your time, you can make the blog experience last longer.

Mima-san was born on December 5, 1986 in Tokushima-shi (Tokushima City) Tokushima-ken (Tokushima Prefecture) on Shikoku-jima (Shikoku Island), Japan. She stands 1.73 meters tall (5'-8") and has black hair and brown eyes.I searched high and low for her weight and measurements, but it seems as though Mima-san in intent on keeping that private. 

She was a student at Nihon University studying physical education - which is quite the achievement considering that as a 13-year-old, she was afflicted with a bone marrow disease that knocked her out for three months, and  then was hit with Guillain–Barré syndrome. It's an acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy disorder affecting the peripheral nervous system causing ascending paralysis beginning in the feet and hands and migrating towards the trunk. While Mima-san was cured, this disease can be a killer if it hits the organs like the lungs.

Take a look at her in the photo above... she obviously made a full recovery. She worked her butt off and got back to her love of sports and competed at the Japan National Track and Field Competition excelling in high jump.

She was crowned Miss Universe Japan on April 3, 2008, and while scandal-free, it was still a bittersweet victory for Mima-san, as months before the competition her grand-mother died after slipping on the bathroom floor and her father died in a car crash - in two very obviously non-related incidents.     

She represented Japan at the 2008 Miss Universe pageant held in Nha Trang, Vietnam on July 14, 2008 and got to the second round - the Swimsuit competition for the final 15 before eventually placing in 14th position, making her the top Asian contestant.

Now... here's the scandal:
Apparently no love lost or was there?
Mima-san and Anya Ayoung-Chee, the 2008 Miss Universe of Trinidad and Tobago were filmed having sex with Ayoung-Chee's boyfriend and all-around lucky bastard Wyatt Gallery and with each other.

Here's what a Miss Universe representative had to say on the matter:
"This (video) was apparently (made) eight months after the pageant and neither were the reigning titleholder."
As well: "The photographer is not a Miss Universe staffer so we have nothing to say or any involvement, thank goodness."

At least, that is what was been reported when the story first broke.

But there's much more to it... as more news broke, no one seemed to want to update their blogs. Well, for Japan - It's A Wonderful Rife, its been a few years now, so now the whole story can be told.

Yes, Gallery and his girlfriend Ayoung-Chee (Miss Trinidad and Tobago) did indeed make a sex tape... and yes, it included a second woman, a friend of theirs. (Lucky, lucky bastard!) But Gallery adds that Mima-san (Miss Japan) was not the other girl.  She merely looked like her.

Apparently that racist statement holds true about all Asians looking alike. Idiots.

Miss Trinidad & Tobago & Miss Japan
But the story still seems to have legs (not as nice as Mima-san's), as it still makes the news every time a Miss Universe pageant is about to begin.

But the real problem for Ayoung-Chee (Miss Trinidad & Tobago... my aunt is from there.. and I swear, I've never, ever met anyone who says they are actually from the Island of Tobago!), is that while Gallery has said the sex video was shot in 2007, the Miss Universe representatives have said it was shot eight months after the pageant... which meant she could have been stripped of her title for conduct unbecoming of a really, hot woman who likes sex,... er, I mean beauty pageant winner.

Who's that girl? Certainly not Miss Japan!
Anyhow... Ayoung-Chee wasn't stripped of her crown, just some of her dignity. The same goes for poor 2008 Miss Universe Japan Mima Hiroko, who didn't even get any sex but was accused nonetheless by a shortsighted audience too busy going blind with one-handed stimulation.

Gallery says the video tape was on his computer when he took it in to be fixed at a shop in Trinidad (not Tobago), and someone there must have stolen it.

Despite Gallery's obvious addiction to Asian-looking women (like most of the guys reading this blog), he was quite contrite: "I feel horrible and embarrassed for Anya, her family and myself, because this was a private moment that was never supposed to be made public. This was an intentional, malicious sabotage against Anya and her career, and I feel stupid for not deleting the files off of my computer."

Anyhow... should you wish to view the sex tape, you can look it up yourself. I can't just give you a link... you would still have to download it. Regardless... here's a still from the illicit sex romp video. I don't think it looks like her... but then, I'm not looking for trouble.

And should you wonder, Dayana Mendoza of Venezuela won the 2008 Miss Universe contest. A photo of her sits under me... er, I mean my name.

 Files compiled by Andrew Joseph
Miss Universe 2008


  1. Miss Universe of Japan is the most kawaii in the world, I love girls everyone that from Japan

  2. Hi KINGRPG! Yeah, you know what... I love'em all, too! BY the way... I love RPG, too! I'm late to the PS3, but my first game is FFXIII, and I can't stop playing it!

  3. Miss Universe is/was very beautiful, the same with all of the girls (a girl is from birth to 99 years old, then they like men grow up). Great job getting into the contest.