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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Decent Italian Food in Japan?

Okay.. I just had to post a link to this post from the Japan Times. Not because the story is eloquently written or worthy of a Pulitzer Prize. Rather because it deals with a pet peeve of mine while I was in Japan... the inability to get decent Italian food... which for me really involved getting a decent pizza.

Living in Ohtawara-shi (Ohtawara City), Tochigi-ken (Tochigi Prefecture), Japan (Japan), there was always decent food available. Always. I won't knock my adopted city!

I've never been one to go out to a restaurant for Italian food (anywhere) because it's one of those things best made yourself, I feel...  unless you are going to a top-ranked restaurant. As such, I learned how to make a three-cheese lasagne that probably cost me around $50 in cheese alone plus an additional two hours to prepare... not including actual baking time. Spaghetti—hell... Chef Boyardee would do it, even if I didn't feel like boiling my own. I once burned my spaghetti. I can't cook more than three dishes. Lasagne, bacon & eggs and Chili con carne... believe it or not... and all three are excellent.

But pizza... man... everywhere I went in Japan, Japanese restaurants and fast food take-out/eat-in joints had an inate ability to make a pizze look and taste horrible.

But now it seems like all that might have changed.

Read this article HERE. Visit the place and then someone needs provide me with a real review to let me know that Japan might really be on the road to pizza recovery.

Can you recover if you never been healthy?

Buon appetito (and god help me, this is what Google Translate gave me for the Japanese version: O shokuji o o tanoshimi kudasai),
Andrew Joseph

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  1. Some of the best Italian food I have ever eaten...anywhere (and yes, I have been to Italia, too!) was in Japan...right in Roppongi!