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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Radiated Rice Found In Fukushima

Here's a link to a USA Today piece about radiation found in Rice grown near the Dai-ichi nuclear power plant in Fukushima-ken, Japan that was crippled after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.

First off, I am not surprised. Those reactors did spew radiation for quite a few days/weeks. But I have heard (and confirmed in the USA Today article) that Japan has tested some 400 spots for radiation exposure all over the Prefecture.

The level found at this rice growing farm is right at the allowable  level of  500 becquerels of cesium per kilogram.


I do wish the article was able to provide a more precise location for the elevated levels of radiation rather than merely Nihonmatsu-shi in Fukushima-ken. I'm not saying you need to give the farm's name, but at least a direction within the city. Here's a  Wikipedia LINK to where Nihonmatsu City is located in Fukushima-ken.

Andrew Joseph   

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