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Monday, September 19, 2011

Sex Doll Dentistry

So... what are your turn-ons?
I'm unsure if I am frightened or just a little bit turned on.

But... if it helps the profession, then I am all for it.
Take a look at the photo to the left. That dentist is practicing his skills on a sex doll. Yup. Open wide and say 'ohhh'.

Originally created for the horny young male who likes ejaculating into plastic, this sex doll is being used to train dentists at Showa University in Japan.

Showa Hanako 2 is a robot dental patient with all of the right curves and smoothness that will make you want to ravish her all over - but especially her mouth.

This is a robot that can actually chat with the dentist in training. Manufactured by robot maker Tmsuk Co., Ltd., externally it wears the 'skin' of the Dutch Wife-style love doll from Orient Industry, a Tokyo-based sex doll manufacturer.

Just a word of advice... do not click on this link at work: DOLL. Is anyone hiring?

My favourite is Ange.

Anyhow... this Hanako 2 Showa will be sold by the dental supply company The Yoshida Dental Manufacturing Co. Ltd. so that students everywhere can practice dentistry on a hot-looking Japanese female sex doll without the possibility of killing anyone. Dentistry and death - it's happened. Probably.

By it's very name, Showa Hanako 2, you can tell that there was a Showa Hanako 1 prior to this... and we''ll look at some of the improvements here.

Showa Hanako 2 is a way more realistic, functional and easier to abuse use. Thanks to the new life-like improvements in the sex doll, Showa Hanako 2 has a wonderfully soft silicone skin (it used to be PVC aka Polyvinyl chloride a thermoplastic polymer) and realistic mouth lining. Its tongue and arms have two degrees of movement (the robot actually has 10-points or articulation for the entire doll/patient) so it has a more natural appearance and movement, and can actually shake its head and choke.

The head used to be run on pneumatics (air-blown), but now utilizes small motors for more fluid movements.

The choking sounds like fun. Actually, the choking or gagging reflex is put in there just in case a clumsy dentist places an instrument too far down the throat. Hey... it all makes sense when you get your mind out of the gutter.

Hell, Showa Hanako 2 can also sneeze... that's also a good training tool, because a dentist should be able to retract all of his instruments from the patients mouth so they don't hurt themselves during the sneeze. Wow... this really is a great training tool.

Says a representative of Yoshida Dental Manufacturing: "We've been in contact with Orient Industry for over a decade, since before we produced Hanako 1. Even then, we thought we'd need professionals to help with the molding. If you don't try to make a robot's face look realistic, it doesn't have the same effect on users psychologically. How doctors and students actually feel in the presence of a patient is a really big factor. It makes quite a difference if students can train while experiencing the same kind of tension they'd feel about a human patient - thinking, for example, 'I'm really going to make this treatment work,' or 'Even the smallest mistake would be unforgivable.' We think it's okay for people to be tense while training, and to make mistakes, because, well, this is a robot."

Like its predecessor, having a female robot dental patient was important for the training of dentists mainly because it was felt that it was important that the would-be dentists get some practice in now in how not to accidentally touch a patient's breasts.

Yes... that was really one of the reasons given. However, I don't believe the Showa Hanako 2 has the ability to slap the dentist in training should one cop a feel. Maybe that can be added into Showa Hanako 3... though there are probably a few dentists out there who might enjoy being slapped.

Anyhow... I haven't been able to find a photo of Showa Hanako 2's breasts, but she sure does have the prettiest mouth I've ever come across. Ba-dum-bum.

What instrument would best work in here?
Says the Yoshida Dental Manufacturing representative: "We considered the motions of the tongue and mouth lining separately. To prevent water getting into the machinery and causing problems, we wanted to form those parts in one piece if possible. But the molding technology for doing that wasn't available to us. Orient Industry had that technology, and it helped us a lot."

Just like a human patient, robot sex girl Showa Hanako 2 can blink its eyes, roll its eyes, sneeze, shake its head, cough, move its tongue, and it actually gets tired of holding its mouth open. And here's the cool part--it can talk.

Thanks to its new conversation programming using speech recognition software from RayTron Inc. of Osaka, Japan, Showa Hanako 2 can chat with the dentist about whether or not she's done any fishing lately, or more realistically can state how she is feeling and what's bothering that purty little mouth of hers - it's proabably good practice for the dentist-in-training to try and understand just what the patient is saying while having a mouthful of drills and scrapers in her maw.

(Why can't I find out who the hell is actually saying this?!) The Yoshida representative continues: "People choke if you put your fingers down their throat, which is called the gag reflex. We've reproduced that reflex. Students are taught about this from textbooks, but it's hard to teach them what actually happens. So we've built a choking capability into this robot.

"Even when we first produced Showa Hanako, we were asked to sell it in four or five countries. But the problem was how we could keep offering maintenance, which is Tmsuk's job, if the robot came into widespread use. However, we thought that Showa Hanako should be sold through coordination among the government and organizations involved, as a technology from Japan, rather than from an individual university or company. Regarding actual feature development, speech recognition has gone very well, even better than we expected. We've found that the robot can recognize a variety of words, and accumulate a vocabulary. This will be really helpful when we do data mining from medical histories and patient databases. So we have the feeling that a new industry will be born in the medical field."

Japan - It's A Wonderful Rife applauds the creation of this doll. Anything that can turn on a dentist while allowing him to get better at a job is a-okay in my book. I should write a book.

Somewhere waiting for my delivery from Orient Industry,
Andrew Joseph

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