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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sexy Women of Japan

Sexy Japanese idol Ishizaki Chinami (surname 1st)
Hi... in looking for the next topic to go viral on the net, I thought - hey! Everybody loves a sexy woman! How about I put up once a week my pick for a sexy Japanese woman?

And then I thought - where the hell am I going to get the photos from? Oh yeah - the Internet. And, while that is indeed the easiest thing in the world for me to do, I also wanted to make life more difficult for myself.

If I am going to add photos of a sexy Japanese woman, the least I can do is add a biography about said model as well. After all, because I am a straight man and love women,  I am also sort of responsible... no gratuitous sex, or sexy, stuff if you will, unless I can make it readable as well.

I am a writer after all... shouldn't I add some words and continue to hone my craft as a wordsmith?

Yes, I should... but where the hell would I get a bio of said sexy woman? From the Internet, of course... but then I figured that 99 times out of 100 any biography of a sexy woman I could find with photos would be written in Japanese - and that wouldn't be cool for most of my readers who seem to hale from all corners of the globe (thank you very much).

Also, it would mean I would be ripping someone else's work off. That would be too easy, and not very cool of me.

Instead, let me direct you to a website called Japanese Sexy Woman Gallery. The creator has already done all the work for me/us, and all you need to do is click HERE and view to your heart's content. It's a damn fine site and some of you might go blind. Just don't blame me if your monthly tissue paper bill goes up.

While I haven't gone through all of the photos, there does not seem to be any nudity involved, but the women are in provocative poses. I just wouldn't open it up at work. That's a friendly warning.

Now I still might see if I can from time to time actually do a bio and photo spread of a sexy Japanese model for you - and women, I am not afraid to do one of a male model either... but it just seems like it would change the whole focus of this particular blog - whatever the heck that is.

I would like to grow my audience. If by some chance a random reader stumbles across this blog looking for smut, but also happens to check out some of my other blog entries... then I guess this plot of being a media whore worked.

Go... go and check out the Japanese Sexy Woman Gallery... just remember to drink lots of juice to rehydrate yourself and then come back here for the next interesting installment of Japan - It's A Wonderful Rife as I try to find something cool, interesting and factual to teach us all something new about Japan.

You're welcome.

Yours in one-handed typing,
Andrew Joseph

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