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Friday, September 9, 2011

Soccer Fans & Coin Collectors Unite

Here's a cool news item - Taisei Coins Corporation has begun taking order for its minting of coins/medals honouring the Japanese women's World Cup of Soccer triumph over the USA, 3-1.

The Japanese team, nicknamed the Nadeshiko, was a surprise victor over the stronger American team. You can read about that win HERE, as I attempted to write it as the game was progressing.

There are two sets of medals, each with three coins - a set in gold (I'm assuming gold-coloured or gold-plate), and one in silver (apparently a silver, white copper).

The medal's obverse depict:
  • the FIFA World Cup woman's trophy, complete with a small amount of black, red and yellow bunting to represent host country Germany;
  • one with a Japanese player running past a US defender with the ball - also with the black, red and yellow bunting, and atop it in black letters the score of the match: 3-1;
  •  one of the Nadeshiko celebrating while holding aloft the FIFA World Cup trophy, and again with the black, red and yellow bunting.
Reverse of soccer medal
The medal's reverse is a pennant shaped like a stylized version of Germany's classic coat-of-arms featuring an Eagle symbol, but with the banners of the countries that played in the tourney. Okay... this is a guess by me.... see photo to right. As well, this coin looks like it has the Eagles head pointing right, when I believe it should be pointing to the left. I've posted a pic of the coat of arms at the end of the article. Maybe it's an error! Coin Collectors be aware!

Should you wish to get your nerdy numismatic (coin collecting) hands on these cool medals, the gold medals cost ¥31,500, while the silvery ones cost ¥15,750.

You can order then from the Taisei website at
Just be warned that the site is in Japanese. You might be able to get by using Google Translate, however.

Andrew Joseph

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