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Friday, September 9, 2011

Take A Trip On The Wild Side

You guys want to read a cool blog? It's by my buddy Mike Rogers in Tokyo. He does a cool blog entitled Marketing Japan. He's as eclectic as I am only more intelligent. I hate him. 

In this blog, I am linking you over to his most recent entry, Meeting the Rich and Famous in Japan? Sure. No Problem. Happens All the Time

I couldn't top his blog - not that I am trying to, but I am burnt out after doing so many blog entries yesterday. I had my best day of blog visitors yet! Y'all come back, now, heah?

Andrew Joseph 


  1. Burnt out, my a*s! This blog rocks! I especially love the Top 5 most popular posts lists at the right...Let's see... Miss Universe at #1, Japan's Women's Soccer at #2, Japan Women's World Cup roster at #3, USA beats Japan Women's in Softball Final at #4, and Japanese School girl prostitutes at #5!!! What!!!!??? How could that be? I want a recount!

    Japanese School girl prostitutes would always hit the Top 3 in my book!

  2. Dude... I'm surprised at the lack of height of the Japanese schoolgirl prostitutes, too! Even if it's not your cup of tea to partake of their services, it should at least be a fascinating read! And it is! Meanwhile, Miss Universe continues to be THE hot topic getting 10x more hits a day than anything else! I'm guessing it will cool off soon... hmmm... I have an idea... wait for it.... it's coming to a blog near you! This one!