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Monday, September 12, 2011

There she is - Miss Universe 2011

Well, Japanese woman lovers... it wasn't Miss Japan. Miss Universe Japan did not make it out past the first round. And to be honest, while she looked great, she paled beside the women who did get through to the Top 16. This year's event was held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and from what I could tell, they did a pretty nice job. On with the show...

The first round - everyone wore a similar dress - not a gown...

Here are the Top 16, not in the order of score, but in order revealed:
  1. Miss France
  2. Miss Kosovo
  3. Miss Colombia
  4. Miss China
  5. Miss Angola
  6. Miss Australia
  7. Miss Puerto Rico
  8. Miss Brazil
  9. Miss Netherlands
  10. Miss USA
  11. Miss Ukraine
  12. Miss Panama
  13. Miss Costa Rica
  14. Miss Portugal (voted into the next round by the fans)
  15. Miss Philippines
  16. Miss Venezuela
My only comment about this was that the cameramen seemed to focus in on the actual woman chosen BEFORE she was actually announced! What the heck is with that?! That's just wrong!

At this time, the best National Costume award was announced:
Best National Costume: Miss Panama.
To me, this award is actually less about the pageant contestant, and more about the fashion designer - still Miss Panama was a great choice.

Voted on by the contestants: 
  • Miss Congeniality: Miss Montenegro
  • Miss Photogenic: Miss Sweden
Next was the Swimsuit competition, as revealed to the audience, not by score - to choose the the Top 10. The winners are:
  1. Miss Australia
  2. Miss Costa Rica
  3. Miss France
  4. Miss Ukraine
  5. Miss Portugal
  6. Miss Panama
  7. Miss Philippines
  8. Miss Angola
  9. Miss China
  10. Miss Brazil
Next, these Top 10 faced down in the Evening Gown competition. The Top 5 are:
  1. Miss Ukraine
  2. Miss Philippines
  3. Miss China
  4. Miss Brazil
  5. Miss Angola
Right now I would like to state that aside from Miss Ukraine, I actually picked these four women to get this far. I also had Miss France in my top 5. 

The Top 5 then were asked a somewhat poignant question by a judge - picking the judge's name from a fishbowl. Each woman was asked a different inane question, and I'm sorry, but I won't repeat those questions here. Barf. Still, the women did a great job, but all answered in their own language aided by a translator. Let's hope the translators didn't screw up their answers.

And the winners are, in reverse order:

Fourth Runner Up: Miss China
Third Runner Up: Miss Philippines
Second Runner-Up: Miss Brazil
First Runner-Up: Miss Ukraine

And the winner is: Miss Angola - she is Miss Universe 2011, and guys - she is one of the most gorgeous women I have ever - EVER seen. Here's a photo of this stunning beauty:
Miss Universe 2011 - Miss Angola

By Andrew Joseph

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