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Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Blog Update

I thought I'd do a little update on what readers find interesting here at Japan - It's A Wonderful Rife.

First, it seems to be the blog as a whole. Back on September of 2010, there were a t total of 610 hits. For September 2011, we (I) have had over 20,000 visitors. Now I'm sure that number is a bit of an aberration considering there were just under 10,000 hits the month previous, as it seems that a lot of readers were interested in getting as much data as possible on the Miss Universe pageant held on September 12, 2011.

This blog had 11 different article up on Miss Universe, specific to Japan, including stunning and poignant biographies for Miss Universe Japan 1959, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006 and 2005. There was also an entry on National costumes for the event, one report on the actual 2011 contest, one providing an overview of the past 21 Miss Universe Japan entries, and an in-depth analysis of the contest and Japan's interpretation of beauty.

Here's a list of this blog's Top 8 most popular blog articles:

1) Miss Universe: my compilation look at the past 21 contestants from Japan.

2) Japan's Women's Soccer: surprisingly, it wasn't the entry about the up-to-the-minute report I did on the Women's World Cup of Soccer finals match between Japan and the USA, but rather the write-up on how Japan got to the finals.

3) Japan To Host 2011 FIFA Club World Cup: lots of data describing which teams are involved, where the matches will be played, and neat stuff like that. I will do an update shortly with more data. This weekend, in fact.

4) 2007 Miss Universe Japan: my biography on Mori Riyo (surname first), the Japanese representative who won the 2007 Miss Universe title. She's gorgeous, and there a few nice photos of her.

5) Japan's Women's World Cup Roster: it is what it is. But, just so you know, it was a real bugger to find this information at the time it was published. 

6) Miss Universe Japan National Costumes: it's a 10-year look back at the most recent national costumes worn by Miss Japan at the Miss Universe competitions, including the 2006 representative who won the prestigious nationalistic best national costume award.

7) USA Beats Japanese Women in Softball Final: again, it was very difficult to find information on this important match between the USA and Japan (about a week following the Women's World Cup soccer final). The Women's World Cup of Softball tourney was on television, but only on ESPN-3, -2 and -1. On ESPN 3, a specialty channel, what did maybe only 60 people watch the event? I'm sure this blog had better numbers than ESPN-3.

And... bringing up the rear (and what a rear!!!!):

8) Japanese Schoolgirl Prostitutes: its a great story on underage prostitution in Japan. It seems epidemic in Japan, but that would be an ignorant assumption. There are a lot of men looking to take advantage of young flesh in every single country of the world.

On the plus side, this blog continues to allow me to reconnect with lost friends, like Jim Paliouras and Michael Hutchison - both of Australia; Kristine S. in the USA; Matthew Hall of the USA, whom I have always been in contact with since we both left Japan.

I am still looking to reconnect with James Jimmy Jive Dalton of Stoney Creek, Alberta and Colin McKay of Calgary, Alberta - both of Canada. If anyone can help connect us, it would be appreciated.

New friends made on this blog include Mike Rogers and his excellent Marketing Japan blog; Jim and his awesome Jimbo's World; and Marc Scheffner and his great Searching For Accurate Maps blog.

I post stories from their blogs every once in a awhile.... not to steal content, but rather to cross-promote their site.

I've also put up some great stories you may have missed on such diverse topics as:
What more do you all want? Heck... I even found time to write about my personal life in Japan - remember, look for the rock and roll titles for those embarrassing tales of sex, slugs and sushi roll.
Come back in a few hours for another blog entry!
Andrew Joseph 

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