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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Earthquake Experience Contest

A fellow reader has passed along this tidbit:

The Tokyo Room Finder Short Essay Contest is an online project to gather heart-warming experiences following the earthquake in Japan.

The contest organizers believe that sharing those experiences will give people hope and revitalize Japan.

As an incentive, the contest winners will receive two 2 tickets for the Tokyo Disney Resort. Cool... but the implication here is that you probably have to already be in Japan, or at least be able to transport yourself to the Tokyo Disneyland area to be able to partake of the wonderful prize if you win.

The final deadline is Sunday, November 13, 2011.
For more details visit:

Andrew Joseph


  1. It was a terrible experience. The room was shaking and water came out of the aquarium... But, of course, I live in Tokyo where the earthquake, tsunami, etc. was merely an inconvenience... To the people of Miyagi ken or Fukushima, this was a life-changing experience... I wonder whose stupid idea this was to give away Disney tickets in order to obtain email addresses?

    Funny me... I figured that people from Miyagi or Fukushima were still trying to repair their lives rather than trying to win a cheap-assed trip to Disneyland.

    Tokyoroomfinder must be run by idiots.

  2. That's what I love about Mike! He sees things others don't! While I do think the idea of getting the stories is fantastic... the prize left me scratching my head - but only after Mike pointed it out! In my defense, I've been under some wicked deadline pressure at work and I've tried to launch another blog. Yes... How to Survive Women is written by me. I do want you to know however, that I do get advice from other friends...