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Monday, October 3, 2011

Hula Girls Spa

I have to admit I have never heard about any sort of Hula Girls Spa.. and news of it re-opening in Fukushima meant nothing but idle curiosity as to why I had not even known it was open before all of this crap from March 11, 2011 till now.

And... if I don't know about it, there's a chance you might not either... so in an effort to eradicate global naivety, let's read this interesting article from the Japan Times: SWINGERS.

Andrew "Shake Your Money Maker" Joseph
PS - And just know I'm going to re-start my writing about MY life back in Japan tomorrow. I think even I got bored with reading about how dull I was... but I'm sure there is trouble awaiting me just around the corner... involving women and booze and probably even junior high school kids. All together? Cripes, what sort of an idiot do you take me for? I was a good boy... but thank goodness there was no Hula Girl Spa near me... or I'd probably never make it in to work...

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