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Monday, October 24, 2011

Marathon To Be Held in Fukushima City

It's Sunday night as I type this and I'm doing writing for work. Ho-hum. While it may not be as fun as writing this blog, it does pay the bills until such time that someone comes up to me and offers to buy my life story from me for enough money to pay my debt off... which will then afford me enough time to get back further into debt before I die. 

Speaking of death, on November 13, 2011, Fukushima-ken (Fukushima Prefecture) is holding a woman's marathon in Fukushima-shi (Fukushima City).

Okay... death isn't really involved... or is it?

According to the video link below, this marathon race will be held for junior high school and senior high school female students. If you listen to the video's critic in the right-side of the video, he is aghast that this race is even being held, fearful that radiation levels in that area still aren't at a safe level.

He is correct in one regard... radiation is still in the area.

The Japanese government is asking people to limit their exposure outside. Previous blogs of mine had noted that schools are limiting the outdoor exposure of its students to just two hours a day.

Now... while I am unsure of the distance of the upcoming woman's marathon, a standard 26-mile race will take well over 2-1/23 hours for an adult male... so perhaps we are looking at a three-hour race or more here.

If it is a 10 kilometer marathon (like the Ohtawara-shi Marathon in Tochigi-ken), well... I was able to run 10-kilometers in a speedy 38-minutes once, but could not complete the actual race owing to the fact that running laps around a track is far different on the legs than running the same distance cross-country style... it's more physically exerting.

Regardless... should there be an outdoor marathon race in Fukushima-shi for these young women a mere six months after the area was sprayed with vast amounts of deadly radiation?

It doesn't seem like a great idea to me... but then again, I don't have as many facts as some people do in that part of Japan.

Hopefully the race sponsors are positive of their data and no one will be exposed to any harmful levels of radiation.

To see this Japanese video with English sub-titles, click HERE.

By Andrew Joseph

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  1. Wow, that was an exciting race. Good luck to all the participants for this upcoming race. Looking forward for a successful race.