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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Levitation Girl

Okay... this is just freaking awesome.

What's so special about Hayashi Natumi (surname first)? Well, aside from being gorgeous, the Tokyo teenager is an Internet sensation for posting photos of herself levitating.

Hmm...  I can feel something rise in me as look at these photos.

Prior to September 16, 2010, Hayashi-chan kept a blog posting the cutsie photos of herself, her friends, her cat and some Tokyo sites. But on that day, she posted a photo of herself called "Today's Levitation"... and that brings her to us here at Japan - It's A Wonderful Rife.

She's an artist who doesn't believe in the adage of 'keeping one's feet planted firmly on the ground', and instead prefers to not be bound by social conventions.

Check out a few examples of her photos: She looks natural. Her expression isn't one of exertion from leaping into the air (she doesn't really levitate!), and her hair isn't flying all over the place (usually).

Of course, it's not that easy. After finding a pot for her photo, she either asks a friend to click away, or sets a timer on her Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera and starts to jump—sometimes as much as 300 times to get that perfect shot.   

Hayashi-chan no longer posts her levitation photos on her blog, stopping on May 10, 2011 owing to a lack of time working as an artist's assistant and hopefully now her own full-time photographer.

To see more of her photos, visit her old blog HERE.

Since... the link seems to be blocked one day after posting... here's the address itself:
Bring back Levitation Girl, Hayashi-chan!

Somewhere looking for a maid,
Andrew Joseph


  1. Interesting... it worked fine this morning. I wonder why? Sad, really.
    You ever hear of the folks doing the blocking? I've never come across anything like it before!

  2. Here's her web address: