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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Looking Glass

Today is Sunday, November 10, 1991. I'm a confused, popular assistant English teacher on the JET (Japan Exchange & Teaching) Programme who has been living high on the hog here Ohtawara-shi (Ohtawara City), Tochigi-ken (Tochigi Prefecture), Japan for 15-1/2 months. I keep track, but only for you, dear reader.

I've been feeling down in the ground, my friends. Not because of Japan, but rather because of the mad women who drift in and out of my life. I tolerate it even though it consumes me. Oh how I wish I could fall down a rabbit hole and get eaten by a Jaberwocky or some Ju-ju bird, but in 1991 there is no Wonderland for me. Just a Wonderful Rife in another land.

I guess I should cheer up. Friends I didn't know I had have made me feel better-than-good about myself lately - calling me up, reminding me they are there - so far away, yet so close by.

Reach out, reach out and touch yourself. It's that long distance feeling.

I was going to go to the Wakakusa bunkakai (Wakakusa cultural festival) at the request of my students at Wakakusa Chu Gakko (Wakakusa Junior High School)... as well as the Ohtawara Junior High School festival.... but when I awoke... I heard a hard rain a-falling, and it was warm beside Ashley.

So I laid there and wondered 'what if' about us... and then felt bad about the kids... but I'm feeling cold and I'm tired. Emotionally tired, I suppose. But... sometimes, one makes sacrifices to be selfish.

Man... if I didn't enjoy feeling her naked warmth beside me so much, I would go mad with guilt at disappointing a crowd of anonymous kids from these two schools. Naked woman trumps guilt any day, though.

When Ashley gets up to have a shower, I go and hide under my kotatsu... it's a large square table that also acts as a heater... a large quilt is placed under the table, and one places themselves under it for warmth - what with the Japanese penchant for constructing buildings that need to breath - and by that I mean thin walls without insulation!

After Ashley comes out, she walks to the bedroom (I can hear her padding on my carpet)... open the sliding doors, close them... and stand there arms akimbo (as is her style). Talking aloud to herself, she mutters: "Where is he?"

I giggle like a little girl, but inwardly. She finds me after a few minutes... satisfied after she found my running shoes at the front entrance way and knowing I didn't leave the premises.

I go for a shower, cook us up some eggs and bacon and get dressed.

Never cook bacon naked.

As I am about to walk with her to one of the many bicycle repair shops on one of the three streets known as Bicycle Repair Shop Road, Bicycle Repair Shop Avenue, and Bicycle Repair Shop Lane (It's a small town - larger cities have whole sections of town devoted to simply offering bicycle repair shop services), Ashley decides to look in one last place in my apartment for her lost bicycle lock key.

I had to do a lot of doubling of her on my bicycle yesterday... and my thighs burned for her.

She decides to look for the key in her umbrella. Sounds idiotic, but what the heck.

Well, well... will wonders never cease? It's there!

We sit back down under the kotatsu and play three games of Scrabble (I kick her butt twice!), before we ride out to the video store. She goes home from there. We can't kiss in public - what if someone should see us? It's stupid... everyone in this stupid city knows we are or were a couple.

So, I go home, clean up my apartment, do some laundry and play three practice games of Scrabble against myself (I kick my butt twice!).

I pull out my well-worn copy of Alice In Underpants Wonderland (my favorite book) and begin to read, only stopping when the book is finished.

Somewhere, we're all mad here,
Andrew Joseph
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