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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

No Fun

So... welcome to Saturday, November 9, 1991 and my life here in Ohtawara-shi, Tochigi-ken, Japan.

Ashley, my ex-girlfriend, and I are just lying around in bed. The phone rings--it's my mom, dad, grandpa, aunt Prudy and brother Ben taking turns to chat with me about life. Oh yeah... they even put my dog Misty the rottweiller on to whine at me when she hears my voice.

Ashley and I get dressed after I have a shower. Then we spend 20 minutes looking for her bicycle lock key. Lost! We then walk to Mosburger where she offers to buy me lunch. I tell her no, it's okay.. but a part of me hopes it's so I don't let her off that easily for forgetting my 27th birthday yesterday.

I suppose I continue to put her on edge even more when I ask her if she really did forget - asking her if she was faking... but I can tell I'm pushing her buttons and I'm continuing to frustrate her a whole lot. I may be an idiot sometimes, but when I feel hard done by, I'm an asshole. I feel hard done by. And I hope it hurts her a fair bit. There are some things one just doesn't screw around with when it comes to people you really like and or love. Christmas, Valentine's day and birthdays. That's how I feel, anyways.

After a tasty, filling lunch of a Mosburger, fries and a Coke, we walk back to my place, hop on my bike and double her back to her place in Nishinasuno-machi (Town of Nishinasuno) normally a 25-minute ride northwest... but this time double that. It's a good thing I have strong legs and am always eager to please. I don't even whine about it as I enjoy the challenge.

We arrive just as her apartment block is having a fire alarm inspection. Good thing too - her place is a regular fire hazard.

We play a couple of games of Scrabble (I kick her butt) and then I ride her back to my place, rent a video (the movie called Ghost Of A Chance - which coincidentally is the same as me getting laid), go for dinner (I buy, because she has no money - so how was she going to buy me lunch earlier?!), watch the video, play Scrabble once at my place (I kick her butt) and then we go to bed.

I do get some relief as I take care of my self with her kissing me. I suppose it's that time of the month - though she doesn't say so. Or... she just doesn't want to have sex. Big effin' deal.

What a day. For a guy who doesn't have a girlfriend, it sure seems like I'm being used by one... who is surely showing me how much I really need her. Though I'm sure the sum total of the day's events escape her.

Somewhere in a party for one,
Andrew Joseph
Today's blog title is by the Sex Pistols (first) and The Stooges (yes, that's Iggy Pop nee Stooge), who did the song first. I love the Stooges and Pistols!:

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