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Thursday, December 22, 2011

One Hundred Thousand Hits

Thank-you all very much!

Some time on Monday, December 19 - Japan - It's A Wonderful Rife broke the 100,000 mark for hits since I started tabulating them with an app back in July of 2010.

That's pretty good, I think, considering one year ago this blog received 2007 hits for the month of December 2010 and only 794 hits for the month of July of 2010.

Since that time, I've tried to pour a few more hours of my life daily into this blog and have watched the number of hits rise and rise.

There was an aberration back in September of 2011 when readers from around the world  - 20,292 of them, in fact - went crazy and visited this blog looking for information on Japan's Miss Universe contestants. I had mistakenly thought  it was me spending a lot of time watching the 2011 Miss Universe event and blogging about it live, but no - that one hardly got any hits at all. It was readers clicking on an older blog - which if you look below under my Popular Posts to the lower right, you will see that it is the hits leader.

Other popular blogs from this year include book reviews on classic Japanese novels, a movie review on Battle Royale, a cult classic Japanese flick available in English subtitles in which a class of junior high school kids are pitted against each other on an island - forced to kill each other until only one is left standing.  

The men's 2011 Club World Cup blog article has been pretty popular, too, but with its conclusion I expect it to become a bit stagnant.

That means the ever-popular Japanese Schoolgirl Prostitutes blog has a chance to go down as the highest tapped article on this blog. It's okay. It's a good article to read. 

Surprisingly enough, I really thought a blog I wrote on Japan's Serial Killers - a very detailed look into their history and depravity - and perhaps the most comprehensive listing of its kind on this topic you are likely to fin on the net! - would do better. It did well, but it needs more readers. It's why I mention things like this from time to time - to give you all a chance to get more learned.

Back when I first got on the Internet back in 1993 (actually, I've been on-line since late 1979!), there was a lot of crap out there. Anybody who had an opinion (like myself) could say whatever they wanted about whatever they wanted.

Unfortuantely, a lot of it was just misinformation - un-like this blog.

Yes, I present my autobiography of my life in Japan. yes it was peaches and cream, but it was also a very trying time. In my blog entries I present what I hope is a fair representation of myself - both good, bad and idiotic - to say that while life is rough, it is what you make of it. Currently, my 1991 self is going through a tough time of self-doubt, paranoia (non-clinical), depression (non-clinical)... but he sees that the people around him actually do care and help show him the way.

No journey can ever be undertaken without some help from great friends, acquaintances, secret girlfriends and more... I hope you will all continue to read and know that I will continue to provide daily updates to this blog - both autobiographical, serious news, stupid news, and present proper insight and factual information about all things Japanese.

And don't worry... there's nothing wrong with learning about things - even serial killers of teenaged prostitutes, though this blog does not recommend becoming one or utilizing the services offered.

Andrew Joseph

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