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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wine & Sake of Tochigi-ken

I was never that big a wine drinker - at least not since I was 16 and going to a family-style restaurant with a large group of other underage kids from school and getting several carafe's of the house wine... invariably always a white.

White grape wine always gave me a pain in the jaw joint... tannins, I suppose. Or anti-freeze.

As I grew older, and a tad more refined, I moved to spirits. Vodka was the drink of choice, but have since switched to rum. In Japan, 20 years ago it was Bourbon and soda, beer, vodka, Southern Comfort, sake (Japanese rice wine) and whatever anyone wanted to buy for me. 

I still like to drink sake and pretend I'm a samurai.

But in between, I developed a taste for red wine. I prefer merlot, but god help me, that probably isn't in vogue anymore.

I'm not a connoisseur. I don't really enjoy the flavor of alcohol and only drank to get drunk... or to look cool. I was a success at one of those goals.   

Regardless... I did recently discover that Tochigi-ken (I used to live in the city of Ohtawara in that prefecture) in Japan, has some decent wines. Okay... it's really mostly sake... but sake is a white wine...  I told you I like to drink sake. It doesn't give me a pain in the jaw!

Take a look at the link to this website, and judge for yourself: CHEERS/KANPAI.

Andrew Joseph

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