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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Blogging By The Numbers

I though I would share with you some of my thoughts regarding blogging in 2012 - specifically for this site.  

Rife's been good to me so far.

I've whined about the poor rise of this blog, and how I may have prematurely climaxed (never done that before) back in September with 20,292 hits and a luckily named blog about Japan's Miss Universe representatives - and then the downward spiral in October and November.

So, I did what any self-respecting blogger would do - I blogged like I had never blogged before during December with 81 blog entries, and got 15,494 hits. Awesome.

Proving that with more blogging I could get more hits, I then blogged less in January - with the expected results. Well, actually, the opposite of that. January had more hits - reaching 17,078 hits - which is nearly 1,600 more hits in a single month. Cool!

So... fewer blogs equals more hits? Or was there something I was missing?

No... it couldn't be?

Could it be social media at work? Twitter, which I joined in late December (@ASJ47)? Or what about Facebook ( - I joined that a week ago. One friend. Matthew, of course... but then again, I didn't advertise it, and Matthew was the one who suggested I get on to it.

But no... I can't see such a dramatic rise due to Twitter.

Could it be that the January blogs were simply of better quality and they presented information or stories that people all over the world wanted to read?

That must be it.


Now I have to give you guys quality all the time.

You lucky, lucky bastards.

Oh well... more work for me.

Of course, the quality of the blogs will begin again AFTER this one. Ahem.

Somewhere writing,
Andrew Joseph


  1. Trying to think of quality blog posts each day is tiresome! How you managed to do 80+ in one month is nothing short of incredible!

  2. You are too kind.
    But look... it took me a couple of years to get up to speed and really, if it wasn't for the awful tohoku earthquake, I'd still be doing one-a-days or less.
    Plus reading Mike Rogers - he was an inspiration. I've learned from him. I have also learned from you (getting a voice and opinion is important), but I do have a day job and I don't want to have this bite me on the bum.
    People will read your stuff when you post stuff more often. Plus - Google likes you when you blog more often. You appear high up in the pages when people search for a topic (like monkeyman - where I did appear ahead of your true blog - that was too bizarre). But writer's write. I estimate that blogging alone, I do about three hours a day. That's 10,000 hours a year. Your writing gets better, and your desire to get better gets stronger. You are young and your writing is raw. It is still good and interesting - and that's the best place to start. But - and I am guilty of this - you need to make sure to try and write to inform people. Don't insult them. State your opinion (which you do quite well) but like Mike Rogers, allow that you may be wrong and allow people to have their own opinions.
    Me? I'm doing more of an informative page here - and so having an opinion is less of a priority for me. It's still important, of course. Just less so. For me... I often have five or six blogs on the go that I work on when I have the time. Fact checking - the Internet is full of crap - and making sure that what I write is, to the best of my knowledge, correct. It ain't always the case, and I've been corrected - but that that's okay. We grow and learn our craft (writing). We will never know everything - but that is what drives me.
    Again, your comments are always appreciated by myself. It makes me feel old, but it also makes me feel good.
    I'm a good storyteller, but Mike... he's a good writer. Though in my day job, I'm a good writer. I was a newspaper reporter... I learned to present the news and to not cloud a story with opinion. Blogs are a different beast, and I'm still learning how far to push the boundaries. Cheers!

  3. The current Google algoryhtm is called Caffeine. Read about how it works here:
    You should also experiment with your post titles. Also, I wrote here about naming image files. That is a must:
    Your proper naming of image files at the end of last year, probably helped to get you more readers. Experiment with that more too.
    I think you are a very good writer.... Prolific too. As far as not insulting people and using profanity, that's a no-brainer. If you understand how Google search works, you'd know that sites with profanity and such will get blocked or lowered ratings and be classified along with XXX type of adult material. It was that way before there was ever an internet. It's that way now. It's called a "filter" (used to be called parental consent, etc...) and it works pretty darned good.