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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hot High School Girls + Baby Metal - UPDATED

Somethings are better left to the professionals. For example, I trust the opinion of Mike Rogers, a Tokyo-based blogger who creates his own Marketing Japan site.

He recently wrote about something that is perhaps scary than the annihilation of Japanese by a poorly executed haiku. And I know of what I speak.

So... perhaps you owe it to yourself to check out this article he composed on Baby Metal. Young, cute Japanese high school girls performing heavy metal music.

UPDATE: My new buddy Ryu Oni says he wrote about this BEFORE Mike. What? Bloggers borrowing from other bloggers?!!! Ya can't trust the Internet!

Ryu's link to his story on Baby Metal is: HERE

His blog is the awesome The Monkeyman in Japan. Check it out!

Regardless... blame Mike. Or blame Ryu Oni!

Read about it HERE.

So... which is better? Japanese high school prostitutes or Japanese high school baby metal? 

Andrew Joseph


  1. Firstly, your "Read about it HERE" link is broken.
    Secondly, you sure you didn't see this on my blog? I posted about this a few days ago;

    (Sorry, accidentally deleted previous post...)

  2. Ha! Here you go Ryu... an updated article with a nod to you, your blog and your article!