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Friday, January 27, 2012

Japanese Packaging #2

I like packaging.

I like dogs.

I sometimes even like packaging for dog products.

But this package from Japan leaves me dragging my butt across a carpet.

While it certainly leaves little to the imagination, I really do understand what its for despite not knowing how to read Japanese.

Perhaps it is because most of the package is in English or perhaps it's because of the awesome graphic image.

Poopy Picker... the one touch cleaner bag that promotes good manners good dog life.

I must say it, that this bag of dog poop bags inspired me to change my blogs description under the Japan - It's A Wonderful Rife header.

Thank-you Poopy Picker!

It's not only a good dog life, it's a wonderful rife.

I wonder if it comes in Rottweiler-size (I've owned four - three at the same time!), or god help me, Chocolate Lab-size  and not just toy Japanese dog size? My Lab, Buster, sure does eat a lot of things he shouldn't! And, by the cartoon visual on the package, it sure seems like I can see exactly what's in the bag and thus what Buster should not be eating.

Andrew Joseph 
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  1. Thanks andrew! I was just about to start eating... Another skipped dinner for me.