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Monday, January 30, 2012

Miss Universe Japan 2012 Contestants

Because I love you all sincerely - really - and note how much all of you seem to like clicking on my Miss Universe entries
(I won't mention your fervor for my teenaged prostitute blogs, though), I thought I would share with you a link on the gorgeous young women who will be vying for the upcoming 2012 Miss Universe Japan title. Twenty-four of them! With pictures!

We're getting to the point in time in my life where seven of these women could indeed have been fathered by myself.

I don't know if that depresses me or energizes me. Actually, I think it energizes my depression. Regardless... have a look and see for yourself...

On looks alone (because we can not judge them on anything but a single photo apiece), who is your favorite?
Me? None of yer damn business.

Okay... I like  - for their smiles - Miss Miyagi, Miss Gunma, Miss Okinawa (B), and Miss Saitama, but for sheer elegance, I like Miss Hokkaido (B). But who knows? Maybe their talent is awful, or they have a voice like a cat stuck in an elevator, or they have a fashion malfunction during the actual event... like, when I look the photos of Miss Hokkaido (B), Takahashi Yuna, I can see the hint of her black undergarment peeking out at the top from under her lovely white dress. Sexy, yes. Not dressed perfectly, yup. Deduction. Fortunately she has months in which to find someone new to dress her properly.

But they are all gorgeous. I wouldn't kick any of their mothers out of bed for eating rice crackers. Yes... I said their mothers. I am old enough to be their dad, after all...



By clicking on the photos, it will open up and show you six photos of each, plus their name, height, date of birth and if you can read Japanese, a short bio. If not, may I suggest Google Translate for an estimation of the what the women have to say.     

The 2012 Miss Universe Japan pageant will take place on Sunday, April 1, 2012 at the Grand Cube Osaka. Be there or be square. Get it? It's because it's at the Cube. 

Andrew Joseph 


  1. One of my good friends is the chief editor of the largest and oldest women's magazine in japan. He went to this event and he didn't invite me!!!! I was so angry I could have stamped my feet!

  2. That sucks! Perhaps he will invite you to the 2012 event - you just have to ask him. Osaka - that's a nice trip by Shinkansen... away from the wife, having to stay the night... all those hot babes... Hmmm... maybe your good friend knows you too well. He must know me, too, because I didn't get invited either!

  3. Done and decided! Emu Shimizu. Go click and she's top right hand corner. I would kick her outta bed for eating sembei!

  4. Yeah! She is nice! How did I miss her? The short hair, probably! unless they have a 'Flapper's' cut, It's long hair for moi.

  5. Maybe I really meant a straight Flapper's haircut - a bob...