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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ninja And Scrabble

Ninja are easy to define, but difficult to see coming. Photo: Andrew Joseph
God help me, but I thought this was all quite amusing.

Ninja and Scrabble... my favorite board game. Scrabble that is, not Ninja.

Although I should state for the record  - and under no duress at all - that I actually like Ninja... not that I have ever seen one or even believe they exist except as dust in the wind.

Although, I did date one. Shinobu... whose name translates into Ninja Girl. She, though very nice and pretty probably could not have played Scrabble to save her life.

But that's not what this is all about. This blog is all about the perils of playing Scrabble with a Ninja and just like in Star Wars, "Always let the Wookie win". Enjoy.

Ninja enjoy being the Ninja stars of Scrabble:

An underlying theme seems to be a decided lack of sportsmanship.

But still, the Ninja possesses an uncanny desire to win - at all costs.

It's a good bet that even should you win the game, you may lose.

Compiled by Andrew Joseph
My name is worth 28 Scrabble points, unaided.

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