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Friday, February 17, 2012

Ass-trology And Me

Why am I so hung up on Ashley? No idea. Even now in 2012, I look back and shudder at my immaturity - and hers, which helped expose mine. Actually, I exposed my immaturity to y'all here in this blog, but I am mature enough now to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

There have been four women in my life that I have cared deeply about. This is 2012 Andrew talking still. 1991 Andrew went out for a car ride.

Two of the women are born under the Sagittarius astrology sign: Ashley and my wife, while the other two are Virgo's - I have hinted at them both here in this blog site, one of whom I actually introduced previously. Soon...

Myself? I'm a Scorpio.

I can hear all you women sucking in air and backing away quickly!

Let's look at what they say about the Scorpio Male:
Scorpios are generally very alluring with magnetic personalities with a velvety voice possessing a wonderful mystery that everyone wants to solve. They have a dazzling mind and burning passion with the desire to win everything they want in their life. They appear calm and friendly on the outside when in fact just underneath the surface lies their true emotions whether they hide their love and devotion towards near ones or take revenge on someone who has hurt them or their close one. Scorpions never forget anything; any kindness done to them is wonderfully rewarded and every betrayal is cruelly punished. Getting in their good books gives one a protective and loyal friend forever. They can read anyone like a tome with their intense gaze and enjoy tearing through the secrets inside.
The Scorpio is a nasty piece of work if you piss him off. That's right. I'm walkin' here! Hell, if you just look at the first two sentences, Scorpio's sound a bit like like Hitler! He was actually an Aries/Taurus. Boooooo.

Now... let's take everything with a grain of salt. When it comes to the Scorpio, this could imply that 1 out of 12 people is either your best friend or your worst nightmare. Obviously, the way a person is brought up, physical or mental health condition, social even intelligence factors can render the above description moot. Whether I believe in astrology or not, I look at that description above and cry havoc!, and see that I seem to be the prototypical Scorpion. This particular description left out that we are very potent in the sack, but that would just be me bragging, and I don't want to do that. That's best left up to others to brag for me. 

His characteristics profile is an odd mix of intellect, philosophy, emotions and passion. He loves luxury and tends to indulge in excesses, in case of food, drinks and love. So, you saw that - love! Yes, it's true. Scorpio men are the most passionate about love and romance.
Cool. Thanks various websites I no longer remember visiting. But honestly, all books I have seen about the Scorpio man says stuff like this.  

Now... let's take a look at Sagittarius Woman:
The Sagittarius woman is vivacious, funny, self assured, and sophisticated. She probably had an opportunity to travel as a child, and will need to continue to do so throughout her life. She's a woman who needs challenge and intellectual stimulation in all parts of her life.
Sag women are often highly successful at what they set out to do simply because they are so positive they will succeed. Since the sign also rules international communication, they are either known worldwide or deal with matters of global importance. This is not an overly-sensitive sign, and when criticized, they listen carefully to the feedback. She should be careful not to hurt her mate's feelings by being too direct in her comments; Sag often has no idea of how her words effect others. Her man should also be sure to allow her a sense of freedom which is highly important to the Sag woman. 
 Hmmm... the Sagittarius women I know don't quite fit all of these descriptions, but that part about being able to criticize their mate - bang-friggin'-on. That other part about allowing a sense of freedom sounds dangerous in the wrong hands, but what do I know... I'm just a Scorpio.

Let's look at the Virgo Woman: 
The Virgo woman is a highly organized, systematic and intelligent person able to discern the finer things in life through a methodical and often purposive approach. Dogmatic in character, the professional Virgo female is often described as a career woman, able to command respect and admiration from subordinates, peers and superiors alike for her professional competence.
The Virgo woman is driven by success, more often defined by the financial standing she inadvertently gets. She achieves this through sheer wit and intellect as well as her natural inquisitiveness for the truth. She is gifted with critical thinking abilities and the desirable trait of creative and imaginative thinking fueled by a sharp memory.
 Wow... sounds hot.

So... what was my point of all of this, besides just being curious of things? It's a prep course for what comes next in this blog. Regardless of my intelligence, charm, wit, ego, (a person's ego can simply be characterized as self-confidence) blah-blah-blah - you'll read something soon in this blog that will make you go 'huh?' - but if you will just remember this blog entry, you might get a better understanding of just what the hell is going on in my mind. 

Many is the time in the past - after Ashley first broke up with me, I couldn't stand the fact that she might actually believe there was someone out there better than me. As egotistical as it sounds, the science of astrology says thoughts like that are inherent in my very being. It wasn't my fault. 

And, if you are indeed wondering if I believe in this stuff - well, I don't not believe it. Anything is possible if you want it to be. In your own head.  

You know I'm just having some fun here. Astrology is not an exact science. Or even a science. Hell... I'm a Dragon (Chinese calendar), Scorpio (Astrology) and I have AB- blood (Japan). I also live in a house whose numbers add up to 8 - Infinity sideways. I have a fascination for the number 47. What does it all mean?

Well, according to a comment left on the previous blog by Mike Rogers, I'm messed up. 1991 Andrew certainly is. I hope 2012 Andrew has his crap together.  

People... it gets better. Or worse. Soon. It's kind of like going to a car race and waiting for the wreck to happen, isn't it?

Glad you are all along for the ride. Better buckle up.

Somewhere still shaking my head at 1991,
Andrew Joseph

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