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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Building A Generational Rift In Japan

Just when you though things were getting better in Japan, a New York Times article from February 12, 2012 exams how a generational gap emerges as the country tries to figure out just who they are rebuilding the country for.

Check out this most excellent article relayed to myself from my good friend Matthew Hall.


Andrew Joseph


  1. What a mess... How to do it? Let's see... Who has the money?

  2. Money is useless if it's not worth the paper it is printed on. By the way... Canada is moving to a plastic polymer to replace its paper money.
    Regardless, Mike... there are so many problems - in every country - it's almost like you to simply wipe the slate and start again... get input from every generation on what is the most important thing to them, and then work on that particular consensus.
    Where does the money come from? Where the hell is it coming from now? I have no idea? Taxes. Loans. Selling souls to the devil.