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Saturday, February 4, 2012

More Leaks At Nuclear Plant

Once again, there are reports coming from Japan of leaks at the Fukushima nuclear power plant - some two months after TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) declared it stable.
According to TEPCO spokesperson Matsumoto Junichi (surname first), the Dai-ichi (Big One) plant that was first badly damaged in the aftermath of the March 11, 2011 9.0 Magnitude earthquake and massive tsunami, was leaking from a reprocessing unit tank which released beta radiation - the stuff that can cause radiation sickness.
The problem was stopped after workers tightened a few bolts on the tank. 
As well, TEPCo says 8.5 tons of radioactive water had leaked out earlier in the week after a pipe came loose at Unit 4, one of Dai-ichi's six reactors. A previous estimate of the leak said only a few gallons had leaked out.
While TEPCO officials are looking into what caused the pipe to become detached, Matsumoto did state it was not due to any earthquakes or after shocks. So, it may just be worker error (my opinion). 
The structural integrity of the damaged Unit 4 reactor building has long been a major concern among experts because a collapse of its spent fuel cooling pool could cause a disaster worse than the three reactor meltdowns that had occurred in the weeks following the earthquake.

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  1. I'm of the opinion that, including incompetency (government and employee, etc) that fixing this problem is just like fixing or repairing , say, an old automobile. Let's imagine you get a classic car and you want to refurbish it to new. It is an empirical subject. No two are the same and no two conditions and events leading up to the current state could be the same. This makes everything you do a "plan as best you can" and then a "try and see." Of course, it would be wonderful if every fix worked out better than hoped, but when does that ever happen? Oh the other hand, if you are a pessimist, then you would agree with me, only using dissimilar phrasing... Such as "Stumbling right along and throwing stuff up there hoping it sticks" Perhaps either way of looking at it is sufficient to describe... Depending on your point of view.

  2. Michael... you are talking to a guy whose 1997 SAAB lies broken on his driveway bought three months ago and far to expensive to fix, where even his mechanic told him it's not worth the trouble knowing he could make more money off me. Sometime a dud is a dud. I think that the work the folks did in getting the reactor back out of trouble was astounding. The fact that there was no meltdown even better. i think a lot of work was stop gap with the idea that they would permanently fix things when they got the chance. There are just too many things to fix all at once. If I had the money, i would fix my car. But I don't. If TEPCO has the money, then they should. My car is not a public menace despite it tossing clouds of sweet-smelling white smoke into the air when the radiator gasket head blew. At least it wasn't radioactive.
    I'm tired of writing about this plant. I want the people who lived near there to have their lives back and soon. Either cement it over or fix it right.