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Friday, February 3, 2012

River In Nikko

This is a photo of Daiyagawa (Daiya River) in Nikko-shi (City of Nikko) in Tochigi-ken (Tochigi Prefecture) in Japan that I took back in 1990.
A few minutes later I went skinny-dipping in this river. Stupid on so many levels, but mostly because I can't swim. Nicholas and Charlie convinced me and so we did. Three straight guys saying 'screw you' to convention.
I never would have done something like that before, but these two rapscallions were all about pushing the envelope - and for that, I thank them.
It was bloody cold - there was shrinkage - but no one noticed. No leeches. No horseplay. Just the soaking up of Japanese culture - Nikko - from a different perspective.
And if there were any Japanese folk to see three gaijin (foreigners) being foreign, we never knew.
At that point in time in my life, it was the most surreal thing I had ever done. Needless to say, I had not even begun to live yet.
Thanks guys for the kickstart.

Andrew Joseph 

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