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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Statue Of An Old Man

I wanted to share with you a cool photo, mostly because I am behind the eight-ball at work and am doing homework now. Pay writing takes precedent over play writing, unfortunately.

Two photos...  the one above, which shows a small old man statue that was about 12-inches (30 centimeters) high. I believe it was taken in Kamakura, japan... about 31 kilometers west of Tokyo. I'm unsure. It was a rainy day - because when the ame otoko (rain man) (that's me!) travels, it always rains. I was with my good friend Matthew who should have known better. We were close enough to see the mythical Mt. Fuji... but the crappy weather made sure I never saw it.Snow, rain, cloud, volcanic ash, Godzilla attack... Mt. Fuji remained as elusive as a blue sky in Japan.

The photo below - is the same photo. It's the untouched version of the one above. It is black and white photograph processed as though it was color film. I wish I could take credit for the sheer awesomeness of this ancient looking photo - but no... it was because of the two sexy redheaded Japanese girls at the film department of Iseya who were to busy chatting me up to properly check off the right boxes on my film.

Hmmmm... sounds like a date, ladies.

Anyhow... which version looks better to you? Call me daft, but I like the original version, as the screwed up processing makes it look as though there was a mist caused by the rain all around - which there was - and makes it look, I don't know.. mystical. Mysticism.... I love the isms, and their off-shoots. 

Photographed by Andrew Joseph using the lost art form of camera film photography and his 50mm Minolta XG-se camera bought in the early 1980s. 

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