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Monday, February 20, 2012

Take It Easy

It's Sunday, December 8, 1991 here in Ohtawara-shi, Tochigi-ken, Japan.

I get up early enough at 8AM - make myself some eggs and bacon and juice and head out with my 50mm camera to snap more photos around town. Despite it being December and cold, there's little snow in this town. It snowed last year, but I haven't seen more than a few flakes this year. Present company excluded, of course.

Instead of tidying up - because no one is coming over - I head out to Matthew's place a five minute bike-ride away. You might think that with me tidying up my place nearly every night that my place might be neater than Matthew's - but no! That place is spotless, and still manages to put my place to shame. Hell... I vacuum every couple of days, too!

We ride out over town shopping for electronic goods... stuff for my stereo-TV hook-up, so I can give myself some surround sound. I had purchased a nice stereo for myself in Akihabara (Tokyo) last year. Not sure if this totally Japanese stereo will work back in Toronto whenever I decide to leave, but whatever.

Getting what Matthew says I need, we head over to Iseya for film stuff and then over to Kanseki to purchase some foam for me to block off the space under a few doors to keep the cold winter draft out.

Dropping stuff at my place, we then ride out to another electronics store in Nishinasuno-machi for something for Matthew's needs. On the way back, however, we spy a video game arcade and play some coin-ops for a very long time, much to the chagrin of many a student walking into the place... probably shocked to see adults liking video games, as most adults tend to prefer pachinko.

Next we ride over to the KFC (then only known as Kentucky Fried Chicken) in Nishinasuno and get my cholesterol levels up nice and greasy. This stuff is good! Good thing it will never ever affect me (until 10 years later!).

Matthew rode back to my place, helped me hook up the TV-Stereo and then when we were sure it worked - he left.

Almost to the second after he left, the phone rang. It was Catherine from the UK... who while a very nice person still managed to bore me for nearly 40 minutes, as I deflected her attempts to psycho-analyze me and to come over for a rendezvous.

I cleaned up my apartment (again) until I felt it was close enough to Matthew's levels of cleanliness and then watched the video Farewell to the King before I got ready for sleep.

My parents called at 12:30AM to talk - though I honestly don't recall about what - probably just checking to see if I was still alive and not suicidal. I've been down, but never that bad.

I go to bed, but wake up at around 4AM unable to go back to sleep - but I still feel like I had a great day.

Somewhere doing the simple things,
Andrew Joseph     
Today's blog title is by The Eagles. I know it was a dull day, but I actually got a chance to look around town without having to worry about a girl for a change. Thanks, Matthew.


  1. Well, Andrew, actually that sounds like a pretty fun day of doing not much... Would have been great if you DIDN'T PUT THE GOD*$?!@ EAGLES TUNE ON THE STEREO!

  2. Hmm... I guess cleaning is 2nd nature for me as I did not - and still do not see myself as a clean freak. ;-) But then, my apartment was smaller and laid out differently from yours (2LDK v 3LDK...I think!).


  3. hey buddy! I'm not calling you a clean freak! Just someone who knows how to clean better than myself! I should have made that clearer!