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Monday, February 13, 2012

The Tale of Genji Comic Book II - 1880s

Hi. Here's the other comicbook I have of the Japanese The Tale of Genji - that was produced in the 1880s.

I know very little about the actual publication of the book, suffice to say that many of the pages of art contained within appear to be from actual ukiyo-e wood block prints from pre-1868, with a few pages drawn by a contemporary artist to fill in the gaps. That's my guess, as some of the art certainly lacks the panache of some of the other pieces of art produced by master artist Kunisada Kunihisaii or at least students from his art school.

 For what specifics I do have on this comic, please see a previous blog HERE, complete with an entire comic 1880s comic book.

After publishing the previous blog on this topic, I of course nearly immediately discovered that these comics are known as the Genji Action Story, E-hon books and are actually drawn by Kunisada II Utagawa (1823-1880).

I am still looking for some help from the blogging/Internet community on some publication information - or any information at all. If you can decode the cover and pages one here (or certainly pages one and two of the first comicbook in the previous blog), you probably already know more about the book than I do. Please share.  

 Andrew Joseph

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