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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Blogging: February 2012.

This is a message from Andrew, your somewhat humble author in 2012.

February, while still being longer than any other February in recent memory (I have a short memory when I choose to have one) was the best month yet for Japan - It's A Wonderful Rife! Thank-you.

We had 17,464 hits in February - up from January's astounding 17,078, and up again from December 2011's 15,494 hits. Proving once again that the fewer blogs I post, the more hits I get.

Granted I still managed to put up 58 blogs in February, but that's down from 69 in January and down still from the insane 81 I did in December when I thought to myself... Hmmm, the more I blog, the more people read.

I actually wanted to blog more these past two months, but I've been burnt out from work writing - the writing that pays me in money, which is almost as good as cash. Plus I have a six-year-old, wife, and other concerns which have kept me from the keyboard.

Okay, okay... I've actually been playing a lot of LEGO Harry Potter and LEGO Batman on my PS3 late into the wee hours of the morning.

A few days ago, I even got a couple of additional followers on the blog, and then after I started posting the sexy writings involving my relationship with Junko, the same two followers mysteriously disappeared. I believe I offended their Christian sensibilities. Sorry. But, perhaps they should have read more than one blog to see if I am right for them.

Excluding a few long-time friends, and one new friend, most of my friends can't get into this blog. Too Japanese, they tell me. Family? Too busy. Wife? While she sends me newspaper stories from time to time, she too has no interest in reading.

Funny. I always write about the past, and see how it mirrors my present. How are you, Andrew? Read my blog and you'll know. I'm good, by the way. Thanks for asking (and reading), but I could always be better.

I always wonder if I should be writing about other people in this blog. I sometimes make them look bad. I often make myself look bad, too. But, then I think - dammit! This is what actually happened! The truth shall set you free.

When I wrote comic book stories with various artists, I always thought to myself... if just one person reads it, then my job is done. I've entertained someone.

It's like smiling at someone when you walk down the office hall. You may not know them, but maybe they had a bad day, and that smile is the best thing to happen to them. You do your best, and hope it makes a difference.

That's why I write these blogs. To educate. To inform. Hopefully entertain. Yeah, it's to placate my own ego - it's why writer's write or seem to have an opinion on everything under the blue sky (dull grey if you live in Ohtawara-shi, Tochigi-ken, Japan).

Still... you have all made me very happy. It matters to me.

As always, though... should you have a topic you would like to know more about, or have a story YOU would like to tell, let me know. While, like a woman I know, I may not share my bag of popcorn with you, I will share this blog. It's your blog, too.

Thanks for your continued support.

Now back to our regularly scheduled blog. 

Andrew Joseph 


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