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Friday, March 23, 2012

Hunger Games Versus Battle Royale

Okay... I'm not sure exactly what's going on with the big hit movie The Hunger Games, but the concept of having young kids murder each other in a contest... isn't that similar to the mega awesome Japanese movie Battle Royale (or perhaps has similarities to The Running Man - book and movie)? Don't believe me?

In The Hunger Games, annually in this event one boy and one girl aged 12 to 18 from each of the 12 districts surrounding the Capitol are selected by lottery to compete in a televised battle in which only one person can survive. Sound effing great!

Now... in Battle Royale, junior high school students (ages 12 - 15 or so) are forced by the government to compete in a deadly game, where the students are placed on an island and must kill each other in order to win.

Visit my old blog on BATTLE ROYALE and get a feel for the movie made in 2000.

And then see here for as synopsis on THE HUNGER GAMES of 2012 that was written in 2008.

Hey... imitation is the sincerest form of flattery - or a lawsuit. I mean... it's not like JK Rowling and her Harry Potter were even remotely similar to DC Comics' Vertigo comic: The Books Of Magic from 1990. See the 12-year-old hero Timothy Hunter HERE. The blog is not in English, but you can see a mess of drawings of the lead character and how they resemble a certain bespectacled young orphan who suddenly learns he could be the greatest magician/wizard  - but has to learn how first by being taught by the greatest magic-users around.

Anyhow... when you go see The Hunger Games - and you will... I've heard it got great reviews... just remember that it might owe some props to a great Japanese flick.

Andrew Joseph 


  1. Uh, yeah... Both movies look like, er, uh, real future classic cinema!

    1. Ha! I've watched Battle Royale for exactly what it was... a slasher flick. It was entertaining because I don't believe anyone thought it was going to be a Seven Samurai-like classic. But Hunger Games? Teens and Tweens are gobbling this up. Adults too. They've been reading the book for years and are gung-ho on the movie. Like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings... follow the popularity of the books and you'll do well.... Look... Mike... baby... we can't judge the movie until we see it. hell... look at Star Wars... orphaned boy on a farm goes out to rescue the princess from the evil black prince. I'll give Hunger Games a chance, but I still think it has swiped a bit of material from Battle Royale. I also originally though it swiped from Lord of the Flies, but no... there is no contest involved.... just kids dominating and killing each other.

  2. Thank you for pointing this out! I'm so sick of people talking about how "great" and "original" the Hunger Games books are when I read the exact same story five years before under the name 'Battle Royale', which was a great book, by the way. When I try to tell people that it's a ripoff of a better Japanese book, they just roll their eyes and brush me off.

  3. Hey Jimbo - you are welcome. Last week a friend of mine was walking around downtown Toronto and heard a kid talking about the Hunger Game and how it sucked when compared to Battle Royale. My friend only knew of Battle Royale because he read my blog and knew (like me) nothing about the Hunger Games... I only found out about because my work wife told me about how much her 16 year old daughter likes it - and described the book to me - and I said hey - that sounds like Battle Royale! My friend walking downtown might have put more stock in what that kid was saying about Battle Royale if he wasn't such a foul-mouthed little fugger when talking about it!
    I haven't seen #2 yet. Is it worth it?

  4. hi guys
    i've read the books and seen both movies, Battle Royale first of course. They are exactly the same movie but also totally different. Context as always plays a part. Hunger Games is more a critique on today's oppressive govts (in the name of freedom!!!) and how the youth view everything today as TV entertainment (Big Brother).

    And Battle Royale, well, IMHO an awesome slasher flick that talks about hierarchy and bullying in schools (and perhaps in the adult working life too).

    They are both worth watching for they each tell a different story no matter how similar they are. (I am biased though, I think all Japanese movies, animated as well as not, are awesome). ^_^