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Monday, March 19, 2012

Japan One Year Later Video

Hello there.

I wanted to share with you a short video that was sent to me by Peter Kim, who works with "a small team of designers/researchers to help with brand recognition of our resource sites."

Peter and his team created this video about the March 11, 2011 disasters in Japan, and since he asked, and asked nicely, I thought I would share it all with you.

There's some interesting stuff, it's nicely done, and hopefully you all will take something out of it what you will.

It appears as though the video is for Online Schools though Peter did not state that in any of his e-mails. As such, Peter did not ask me to plug any of his clients.

Still... should you be interested, the video is posted within

I can not personally speak for the quality of their online education offers because I simply do not know, but Online Schools, according to their website: "... aims to be the premier portal for online education on the web. Our goal is not to revolutionize the concept of education, but rather to help bring people into the 21st century in terms of the way they perceive learning."

Anyhow... all of that aside, please have a look at this short video.


Thanks Peter!

Andrew Joseph

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  1. That's a pretty cool video. The part about Los Angeles blows my mind!