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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Japanese Oreo Cookies - Ugh

Today, March 6, 2012, the humble Oreo Cookie from Kraft Foods is turning 100 years old!

My whole family loves Oreos, as evidenced by this photo of my son eating one today. Two chocolately biscuits with a white cream filling! Yum.

To celebrate here on Japan - It's A Wonderful Rife, let;s look at a couple of Oreo varieties that you may never have heard off:

  • Green Tea Ice Cream Oreo, which uses Matcha green tea to flavor it, this variety was first introduced in China and Japan in 2006, I believe.
  • Lemon Ice Oreo, introduced in Japan - first introduced in 2007
Looking at these two flavors, I can only assume that Japan got the short end of the stick. Lemon Ice and Green Tea? Gah!

Can't you just have chocolate cookie and vanilla cream filling? There is nothing wrong with that! Anything else - that's another type of cookie! Novelty cookies for novelty countries. Is this what companies think other countries will like? Hi... here's an Oreo cookie. Do you like it? Great! And as a reward, here's a cookie we made using green tea.Oh my Buddha!

Look, while I may not be a lemon fan, I used to drink seven cups of o-cha (green tea a day!) It's good for you - yes, but hardly the sweetest flavor on the planet! Does the whole of Japan not have a sweet tooth? Of course they do! Bean pastes, or Pocky! Candies out the wazoo! Japanese like sweet! Why not cookies?  

It's not the people of Japan's fault! Yes, these may be flavors the Japanese like, but you know what - welcome to the world! Try something that isn't Japanese-flavored! I bet Japanese kids and adults would love regular Oreos, and not have to be chopstick-fed flavors they are familiar with.

Whatever. Rant over. Still... happy birthday Oreo Cookie. Congratulations on your 100th birthday! You don't look a day over 85.

Andrew Joseph

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