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Friday, March 23, 2012

Japanese Speed Drinker

Whenever you are ready to stop staring at the gorgeous ta-ta's of the poor hot, sweaty and obviously thirsty woman to the left, I urge to to... are you done oggling her yet?  I know, I know... I can't blame you. I would leave your wife for a shot at her.

Anyhow... when you... christ... I'll wait... okay? okay.

Feel free to check out the video below showing off a young Japanese man drinking a 1L bottle of water in 4.88 seconds.

H2OMYGODO or just click on the video below and watch it!

It looks pretty impressive. The speed is cool, but what I found particularly amazing was the fact that after sucking back the water, at no time did he appear to belch!

THE dress that nearly blew a government.
I've never timed myself, but I've been know to suck a whole bottle of beer in a glass down in seconds. I don't open my throat up like the professionals speed drinkers or women I know, and unfortunately have to gulp it down... but you can all probably tell that with my large amount of writing, I can hold a lot in my mouth...  certainly more than Monica Lewinski who could not completely even swallow a liter (did I spell 'leader' correctly?)  

If any one is buying, I'm dying... to meet you that is and take up arms in a battle of witless drinking. With the way 2012 has been going, I feel I have more than earned that right.

Anyhow... isn't Japanese TV cool? This program It's like America's Got Talent (or it's poor cousin, Canada's Got Talent), except that there are a lot of Japanese people with talent - except for the television talents who 'host thee types of programs.

Somewhere thirsty, my friends,
Andrew Joseph     


  1. Thank god for the useful and life fulfilling information derived from watching TV! Now I'm going to have to practice to beat this guy - Man o Man o!

  2. Replies
    1. Your ability to swallow gin quickly impresses women like the one up above. I know... she told me last night.

  3. I speed drank day before.
    You know what happened to me.
    Yes! But it happens again.....