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Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Many Faces of Buddha

Here's an interesting photo I took back in 1993 showing a beautiful Buddha with the sun shining through his halo. What struck me, however, were the hundreds of little Buddha statues down at his feet.

It almost makes me feel less like a heathen. Almost.

This black and white photo taken with Ilford 200 film on my Minolta SE 50mm lens camera. I did use a light yellow filter... because truthfully, there was no sun that day, nor any day that I traveled outside of my hometown of Ohtawara-shi, Tochigi-ken in Japan.

I am the Ame-otoko. Depending on which kanji is used, I'm either the candy man or the rain man. I'm the rain man. Yeah, definitely the rain man, yeah. Rain Man. 

Regardless, I do love the ancient look I was able to achieve with this photo. It sort of fits the subject matter, I think.

So... where the hell was this photo taken? Oh my Buddha! I have no idea. Anyone know? I think it was northwest of Tokyo somewhere... somewhere closer towards Mt. Fuji. I think... after all, it was cloudy and raining and I never, ever saw Mt. Fuji in three years in the country. And I looked...

Okay... One month after writing this, I think I've figured out that this photo was taken in Kamakura. I think it was taken on the grounds of the KĊtoku-in Temple in Kamakura, Kanagawa-ken (Kanagawa Prefecture).

Andrew Joseph


  1. Nice pic, Andrew. The weather can be "chotto hidoi" here in Japan, huh? Fuji is "notoriously elusive," to quote some travel book I read. I went right to Fuji-san's feet (Gotemba) and he still refused to show himself. I hope I get to see Fuji at some point though. I'll take a picture for you.
    PS: It would probably be better to be the Candy Man, huh?

  2. Thanks Peter. Always nice to hear from you! As for Fuji? Well... the last ever blog I will put up about ME in Japan will wrap things up nicely. Whatever that means.
    But yeah, man! Go. Climb it! Take pictures! I still won;t believe it really exists, though... I'll re-post an oldie, but goodie in a day or too to "prove" my point or dementia.