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Monday, March 19, 2012

A Note From The Blogger

Hi there,
Just a wee breather until a few hours later when I post something new.

Mike Rogers noted recently that my blog has been slowly inching up in hits - and it's true. This month, should you all be willing, I'll have hit an all-time high - bursting the 20,000 mark established last September when the hits on a Miss Universe blog I wrote went through the roof just after the 2011 Miss Universe pageant. That was a fluke. I think I just had a well-named blog that caused some 14,000 people to come crashing in.

This March 2012 - well... it's just been some plain old hard work by myself with two a day blogs on a variety of topics I hope readers will find interesting. And yet, despite it all, the vast majority of hits continue to be on Miss Universe and teenaged prostitutes. That's not a knock on anyone. They are very interesting topics, which was why I wrote them. I, too, wanted to know more, and so I did. I just like to share.

But this past month, there has been a spike of some 200+ readers a day. That's a lot, and as usual, I have no idea why. I know Google likes this blog - but then all one has to do is post often which allows this blog to appear high on the search lists for Google.

But... enough ego blow here. Thanks... and just know that while I often have no idea what I'm going to write about until I write it, I actually have some 17 stories in a draft format, just awaiting some fine tuning from myself.

It's been rough to publish all that I want to publish. Here in Toronto, it's been around 20C - some 12C higher than usual. In fact... for the next four days, the temperature will be 20, 22, 24 and 22 respectively.... though it will rain that last day (or so they think). That means I get to spend more tie outdoors with my 6-year-old son playing soccer. Ugh... my poor aching knees.

Then there's hockey and basketball to watch, baseball is starting soon, soccer never ends, and despite what Mike Rogers says about TV (he hates it!), I require it to sometimes just numb my brain... though often enough I find it inspires me.. some turn of a phrase an actor spews that reminds me of something. Sorry Mike. I love TV, and it hasn't hurt my 149 IQ too much! Although... I am a classic under-achiever. Writers generally don;t make all that much money. Bloggers even less - especially myself... zilch.   
Work is also stressful - but then, I'm sure all of you are in that same boat... more so if you aren't working. I want to take a break to recharge the old batteries, but ego and a fear of letting down such loyal readers prevents me from doing that. I haven't missed a day in 13+ months, and now I see no reason to.

That's the cool thing about Japan. It's just so damn interesting, weird and exciting. Man... I feel a Godzilla haiku coming on!

Anyhow... this blog is on Facebook and Twitter, but I see both as a minor inconvenience, rather than a means of gathering new readers... but since utilizing them, readership keeps spiking. Maybe it does work. I would like someone to explain to me how a non-porn website or blog can actually make money... but if it takes money to make money... well, I don't have any money. I spend it all on survival and LEGO. LEGO helps me survive.

Oh yeah... I'm almost finished another LEGO diorama. Maybe in another week? I will tell you that it's a Japanese temple scene keeping in step with my feudal Japan theme I have for the other 7 I've built. Man, I need to get laid. You'd think getting married would take care of that. ha-ha! I kill me.

Thanks for indulging me, and thanks again for reading.

Now... back to our regularly scheduled blog.

Andrew Joseph  

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