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Saturday, March 3, 2012

See The Light

It's Thursday, December 12, 1991, and despite the events of last-night, all is not crap for me here in Ohtawara-shi, Tochigi-ken, Japan. It only just seems like it, though.

The alarm clock was set for 6:30AM, and when it goes off, I re-set it for 8:30AM. Today is going to be a sick day. Despite the fact that my stomach feels like it was kicked by a mule, it was only some Indian curry that made it feel like I was partaking in the sacking of Carthage.

But... my head is also achy... probably from coming down with con-junko-itis, who yesterday fooled me into believing she had called my office (the Ohtawara Board of Education) on my behalf to beg for a day off for me.

It was something I thought Junko might actually do for me considering she used to stalk me and I had to tell my OBOE to get her off me so I could sleep. They came and got her and took her back to school in Utsunomiya, and hopefully got her some sleep. But she's been better lately... while she and I meet for sex, there is no relationship. Odd, because we are both single... no wait... I am... she's not... she does have a boyfriend who buys her things, though. Me... I just give her things... if you know what I mean.

To be honest, I am afraid to talk to her about what she was going through. But never again. I will ask the tough questions. They don't have to answer, of course, and I will hate them for it, but at least I will have tried.

I make the call in to Hanazaki-san, who seems to understand as I tell him exactly how I am feeling. I have no reason to lie to him. The man knew I was being stalked by a sex-crazed Junko - and even though she was super hot - he knew I would never have complained if I didn't need to.

Hey... I was younger then.

Anyhow... my stomach is still out. I'm sure it's because of that curry diner I had with Matthew. It really shakes me.

... no wait a minute! That's an earthquake! The whole place shakes for 17 seconds. That's not a guess... I read about that the next day in the newspaper.

Anyhow... I was sick... and just to prove a point - I have no idea just what the hell I was thinking - I decided to get up out of bed after the earth stopped shaking at 11:30AM and go see what was in the fridge.

Oh look! There's a container food given to me by Mrs. Matsuda from the night school class I teach at on Monday. Guess what the food is? Uh-huh... Curry and rice. On the plus side, it's just curry, and was not the type of chili hot curry that hurt my bowels so very, very, very much.

So... 10 minutes later and no gurgling... the indian food stayed down. So I ate some left over lasagna I had made a few days earlier.

Later on, Matthew calls me to discuss women. Or rather: woman. Last night at the curry house, he determined that of the three women he liked, that Takako was the best woman for him. I have no idea what the others look like, but she's hot. Still, despite him saying that, I felt the need to tell him to dump the others and concentrate on her... something he knew, but probably just wanted someone else to confirm foe him.

Guys do actually know what's good for them and what's bad for them, but until they hear it straight from another guy's mouth, they will never fully listen.

So... apparently after our meal, he called up Mayumi - perhaps to tell her it was over - but she revealed that she had been dating another guy along with Matthew since November. Matthew was pissed off at her because she was using him to get stuff she wanted, and was going to dump him soon enough.

Oh boy... It's 2012... and I can't believe I wrote this in 1991, and wrote it seriously:

"Oh what a tangled web we weave, Matthew."

My diary entry continues: I play video games, do some laundry, and tidy up my apartment. Feeling lonely, I call up Karen, a Canadian girl who wants me for a boyfriend, but I just want without any strings attached, and then call up Ashley... my ex-girlfriend and now apparent;y my ex-friend-with-benefits.

Karen describes herself as a 'whale', which for some reason makes her less appealing to me.

Ashley invites me over to dinner tomorrow. Oh god. It's either soup or spaghetti. How come I have never seen a bottle of anti-acid here in Japan?

I go to bed early at 11:30PM wondering what the hell ashley wants? If Karen's description is accurate? if Junko is crazy? Or if Matthew and I are.

Whatever... at least I'm still getting sex... and with the best-looking one of the bunch (sorry, Matthew, but it's true).

Somewhere blinded,
Andrew Joseph
Today's blog title is played by the awesome Jeff Healey, who sadly passed away four years ago on March 2, 2008. I have watched Jeff, a blind guitarist and singer play maybe 20 times between 1988 and 1990, and I consider him to be one of the greatest rock guitarists ever. Though, depending on his woman situation, he was either bang-on bloody fantastic, or bang-on bloody awful. He really felt the emotions from his women, and it affected they way he played. Even when he was down... it could be great show or a bad show (relatively speaking)... there was just something - that little unknown something, by the way - that could flip his guiitar-playing one way or the other. His song, See The Light, is dedicated to Matthew... who obviously saw the light. I still have not... or perhaps have been staring at the light too long and gone blind and am just waiting for someone to come and ring my bell and let me see the light.


  1. Junko's boyfriend buys her presents? Hmmm... He must be just as nutty as she is... Can you imagine marrying such an undependable and unreliable person? Her boyfriend must have lots of issues too.

  2. Remember The Doors? She has rings and she has flunkies, lazy diamond studded monkeys... There is that phenomenon of Japanese girls having multiple boyfriends - in another blog coming soon!
    Dude... I wanted to buy her things too! She was a real looker! I spelled that correctly, right?